Shipping Oversize Vehicles

Shipping Oversize Vehicles

Oversize vehicles can be difficult to transport because most vehicle transportation companies don’t have the resources to handle such large vehicles. ACERTUS isn’t like the other companies; we can move your oversize vehicle without a problem. There a few key pieces of information that we will need to arrange the appropriate carrier for your vehicle.

Here is what we will need from you:

  • Year, Make, Model of the vehicle you need shipped. This is so we can do some research into the specs of the vehicle such as height, weight, length. The carrier will ask for this information when they call in for this vehicle.
  • If there are any special aftermarket parts on the vehicle that increase any dimensions. This is necessary because, carriers have restrictions as to how tall and how heavy their cargo can be.
  • Choose a pickup and delivery location that makes loading your oversize vehicle easy. Large parking lots tend to work best as they allow the carrier to easily maneuver their tractor-trailer while loading and unloading your vehicle.
  • Provide contact information so the carrier can reach out when picking up or delivering the vehicle. Having someone at the origin and destination to sign for the vehicle is very important.
  • Keep in mind, not all carriers can move oversize vehicles so it makes take a few tries for dispatchers to find one who can. ACERTUS will get it done; it may just take a day or two longer than transport of a regular size vehicle.

These things listed above also apply for non-vehicle transports. For things such as golf carts, boats, motor homes, etc. contact us and we will get it moved for you! We always work to satisfy the customer’s needs, just provide us with the basics and we will take it from there! ACERTUS will move your vehicle, no matter the size, in a timely manner and with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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