What Features To Look For When Buying A New Car

New cars

When shopping for a new ride, the car lot is your oyster. Aside from picking a new car that suits you and your budget, maybe your final decision will all come down to what bonus features are included.

Automakers offer just about every feature under the sun. Since we can’t possibly know exactly what you’re looking for, we decided to create a list of the top three features you should look for when buying your next vehicle.

Backup camera
Backup cameras are an extremely helpful safety feature. Maybe you didn’t pass parallel parking on the driver’s test or you’re a little rusty, backup cameras can help make parking a breeze. Aside from being able to see cars behind you, they also warn you of pedestrians passing by while you are in reverse.

Come May 1, 2018 all new vehicles in the United States must have rear view cameras. So, if you’re just now buying a new car, you might be able to save yourself the installment money later down the road.

Heated seats
Many cars have heated seats as a standard feature, but they are still a bonus. There’s no better way to warm up after braving inclement weather such as rain or snow. If you live in an area where bad weather is common, warmth is more than just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

If you’re tech savvy and looking to get the newest car, then you probably have the newest iPhone, and you know the pain of not having a headphone or aux jack. With bluetooth, you’ll never miss out on the opportunity for an impromptu solo concert.

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