Centralizing a Decentralized Vehicle Transport Process

Comparison of a decentralized vs. centralized vehicle transport process

Large dealership groups often have centralized vehicle transportation, yet many other dealer groups leave vehicle-transport arrangements to their individual stores. 

Many times, this becomes a fragmented approach, and dealers face unintended consequences like: 

  • Higher transportation rates  
  • Missed opportunities for bundling and/or volume discounts 
  • Higher claims risk 
  • Increased holding costs 
  • Wasted time for buyers or used-car managers forced to deal with non-revenue generating tasks  

Bundling and Improved Rates 

A decentralized approach often leads to missed opportunities for bundling and transporting multiple vehicles – but such bundling is important when it comes to faster and more cost-effective vehicle deliveries 

Buyers within the same dealer group will often purchase vehicles from the auction or seller, unaware that the vehicles come from the same source. This issue is prevented when a dealer group works with a single vehicle-logistics provider like ACERTUS, as the units are automatically bundled into the same truck. At the same time, more savings are created for the dealer. 

Better Security and Less Claims Risk 

Whereas dealers with decentralized vehicle transportation are forced to individually vet each carrier on their own, a vehicle-logistics provider can pull all carriers from a well-established and strongly vetted central network.  

Dealers have a better guarantee of carrier quality when they outsource vehicle transports to a single provider. Additionally, such outsourcing can lead to confirmed insurance coverage for all transports and better CSA ratings because providers like ACERTUS have the proper teams and processes in place. Such a logistics provider can regularly review and assess all carriers and carrier coverage within its pre-approved network. 

Removing Unnecessary Costs and Optimizing a Dealer’s Time 

When dealers are forced to oversee each respective vehicle transport and delegate where the vehicles go, they can be taken away from that which is most important – selling cars. This can contribute to a loss in sales or sales opportunities, wasted productivity and, oftentimes, a higher total landed cost. Ultimately, other parts of the business then suffer. 

But with a single vehicle-transport provider like ACERTUS, a dealer gets consistent and competitive rates, including potential volume pricing for bundled units. Outsourcing can also help a dealer realize increased efficiencies, as well as more time preserved just for selling vehicles and working with customers. 

Benefits of One Easy-to-Use Platform 

Vehicle-transport providers can also help to simplify the process by offering a transportation-management platform to buyers. Through ACERTUS’ VINlocity platform, buyers can access one online location to easily request, purchase and track vehicle transports. Technology like this helps dealers optimize the transportation process, and with just a click of a button, it provides them with real-time tracking and robust reporting 

Through a system like VINlocity, dealers can also realize these benefits: 

  • One place to access all vehicle moves, which helps users visualize bundling opportunities. 
  • A tool that provides transportation-spend reporting, allowing buyers to monitor and track all spending. 
  • Technology that allows for seamless and intuitive implementation of the vehicle-transport process for every store. 
  • Flexibility that allows for changes in volume, with reliability and consistency on all transports regardless of any fluctuations in the total number of vehicles moved. 

Where to Go from Here  
There are quite a few dealer advantages that come from outsourcing vehicle transportation to a single provider. Learn more about these many advantages by downloading our free white paper here.  

ACERTUS is committed to helping dealers realize these benefits to their business through its wide carrier network and simplified vehicle-transport process. To find out more about ACERTUS’ unique vehicle-logistics solutions, visit ACERTUSdelivers.com.  

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