Delivering Your Brand Experience to Customers via Outsourced Vehicle Deliveries 

Delivering the Showroom Experience to Customers' Homes

These days, it’s crucial for in-store and remote shopping experiences to be similar. Your customers demand professionalism, convenience and quality, no matter whether they’re picking up a newly bought vehicle from your dealership parking lot or having it delivered to their residence. And with customer expectations changing even more rapidly due to the spread of COVID-19, as well as surrounding safety and local regulatory concerns, dealers are now expected to deliver showroom-level excellence to their customers’ homes. 

Beyond that, dealers who have invested significantly in their branding or overall customer experience want to be sure they can carry this over to vehicle home deliveries and no-contact vehicle service options. Therefore, dealers who choose to partner with a third-party, vehicle-transport provider must confirm that it can deliver this same brand experience, executing it successfully on their behalf.

The Same Convenience and Brand Experience…Delivered Straight to Their Doors 

Because of the importance of branding, professionalism and the overall customer experience when it comes to the success of a dealer’s business, vehicle home-delivery providers must commit and be properly positioned to carry over these same key qualities in a seamless fashion. Fortunately, vehicle transport-and-logistics companies like ACERTUS have the expertise, infrastructure, technology and highly trained teams to fully white label with a dealer’s brand and deliver the same level of professional service straight to the customer’s door. 

When looking to partner with a third-party provider, dealers should ask about their tech-based solutions and how they can translate into a better brand experience for both the dealer and its customer base. For example, auto shipping company, ACERTUS, has its own proprietary technology that enables it to easily integrate with a dealer’s own operating system and even set up customer notifications for its customers. In fact, its email notification feature can be quickly and accurately adapted to showcase the your colors, logo and overall branded look — so, when a customer receives updates on his or her new vehicle purchase, it appears as though those notifications are coming directly from the you, the dealer.  

Additionally, ACERTUS already proudly offers white-glove service with its vehicle home-delivery service. This professional, VIP-style car delivery service means all carriers and drivers are wearing clean, company-branded uniforms and gear.  Expert drivers receive thorough vehicle training, so they are prepared to discuss new vehicle purchases with customers, answering any questions they may have standard protocol for these drivers to do full-body checks upon each vehicle delivery, ensuring that every part is in top-notch shape before keys are finally handed over. This way, your customers receive high-quality vehicle checks, professionalism, expert advice and overall great customer service — just as they would if they had physically come into your dealership to pick up a new car. 

Benefits Reaching Far Beyond Branding and White-Glove Customer Service 

Beyond the branded and highly professional delivery options ACERTUS provides to dealers and their customers, it also offers a wide range of other vehicle logistics services including storage, title and registration,  and care and maintenance. Regardless of whether a vehicle requires maintenance, titling or anything else, ACERTUS has the infrastructure, flexibility and teams to help. Vehicles can be quickly and efficiently serviced, so they’re fully road-ready upon final delivery. 

Additionally, ACERTUS’ teams are now extending these services to dealerships who want to offer remote vehicle repair-and-maintenance options to customers, especially during this time of coronavirus concern. If a customer needs a repair, basic maintenance or other work done on a vehicle purchased through you, the dealer, ACERTUS can help transport that vehicle to and from the customer’s location  — even helping out with basic care-and-maintenance services along the way. ACERTUS can also help facilitate completely contact-free auto trade-ins or test drives, again working on the dealer’s behalf.  

By outsourcing auto transport and other vehicle logistics services to ACERTUS, dealers certainly gain more time and space to focus on their sales and their own operations. But utilizing such a provider also leads to other added benefits like increased efficiencies, lessened overall delays, faster speed to market or speed to the customer and a stronger performance value. Dealers can achieve heightened productivity, paving the way for them to not only meet their business goals but also to create high levels of customer satisfaction. 

ACERTUS is Your Partner in Branding and Final-Mile Delivery Excellence 

All in all, ACERTUS has positioned itself to be a true auto partner in the vehicle home delivery and transport-and-logistics space. Its goal is to deliver on both your expectations, as well as those of your customer, working closely with you to create a professional and properly branded experience from start to finish. ACERTUS is committed to delivering excellence on all fronts, helping you navigate ongoing concerns related to COVID-19 and finding new and unique ways to help you achieve your goals. 

 Auto transport company ACERTUS offers a full range of vehicle logistics and transportation services across the United States and Canada — discover more at our website: If you’re ready to connect with one of our team members or receive a free quote, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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