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ACERTUS is committed to bringing you the complete auto shipping experience with our full suite of services, including car haul, drive away, and hybrid moves. 

Whether you are shipping a personally owned vehicle or a dealership looking to ship a car to an online buyer, ACERTUS will create a custom plan for you. By combining our end-to-end vehicle shipping solutions, we also handle any title & registration, care & maintenance, or storage needed along the way. 


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A better auto shipping process with flexibility, consistent reliability, superior service and greater visibility. We have built a carefully-vetted network of 6,600 carriers representing 20,000 trucks to accommodate any move from any location across the nation. We will accelerate your time to market with standard and expedited shipping and an expected deliver-by date so you can better anticipate and plan for your vehicle’s arrival. The safety of your vehicle is our highest priority that’s why we uphold the highest safety standards and offer the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry; we proudly maintain our 99.5% damage-free delivery.


When shipping a car, our carriers typically pickup the vehicle within 1-5 business days. Once a carrier is assigned to your order, we work with you to develop a pickup time frame and keep you informed with daily status updates along the way.

Car haulers typically travel 400-500 miles per day. Because of circumstances beyond our control, such as weather, traffic, and construction, we can only provide estimates when shipping a vehicle.

ACERTUS also offers a number of options for you to ship a car your way. We offered a range of services that include standard or expedited shipping and open air vs. enclosed delivery. Whatever your need, we create a solution for you!

When shipping a car with ACERTUS, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is fully insured and bonded. Although we’re proud of our 99.5% damage-free delivery rate, we provide our customers with extensive insurance coverage, including the industry’s only glass damage coverage!

In the rare occasion of damage, the condition of the vehicle must be noted in detail on the Bill of Lading. From there, any claims must be submitted to ACERTUS within 48 hours and our onsite claims team will assist you in making sure your vehicle is returned to it’s pre-delivery condition.

Yes, ACERTUS will delivery a vehicle directly to your home in most cases.

Restrictions do apply in situations where conditions prohibit our large, delivery trucks from safely entering a residential area. In those cases, we work with clients to deliver to nearby parking lots, based on convenience.

Of course. We provide all of our clients with a free car shipping quote before delivery. We know every delivery is different, and for that reason, we provide custom quotes to get you the best deal for your car’s make & model, distance, and time of delivery.

Are you a dealership looking to ship multiple vehicles? Great! We provide auto shipping quotes for dealerships with multiple deliveries that is competitive in price. 

ACERTUS operates in all 50 US states and Canada. So whether you’re a snowbird looking to ship a car to Florida for the winter, or moving out West and want to ship a car to California, we got you covered!


Streamline and simplify vehicle transport with our free, easy-to-use Transportation Management System (TMS) technology. Our proprietary platform will help your business move at full speed with quotes, orders, reporting and claims all in one centralized location.

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