Our experienced team saves you time, stress and unnecessary mileage through our safe and reliable auto-shipping process. This door-to-door service allows for pickups and drop-offs at a residence, an office or any other location of your choosing. Whether you’re in need of a short- or long-distance move, our car shipment services are available across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.


Moving is stressful, but shipping your car doesn’t have to be. Ensuring security at every turn, our dedicated drivers and auto carriers maintain a 99.5% damage-free delivery rate. While we’re certainly proud of this low-risk record, we also make it a priority to provide extensive insurance coverage to our customers, protecting each and every vehicle with the most comprehensive insurance policy in the auto-transport industry.




Did you buy a vehicle online? Do you need to ship a car cross-country? No matter whether you need to move a sedan, pickup truck, SUV or another vehicle type, we’ll help transport it to your home, without adding any unnecessary miles.


Moving is stressful, but shipping your car doesn’t have to be. Vehicle transportation is what we do best! We’ll ensure you have a stress-free and cost-effective move, from start to finish.


Are you headed south for the winter? Or, is it that time of year when you head back for summer? We’re here to help with all your seasonal vehicles moves with our simple and straightforward auto transport services.


A vehicle is considered inoperable if it doesn’t start, roll forward or in reverse, turn, steer or stop when brakes are applied. If you’re facing this situation, we can help! Just please note, additional charges may apply.


 As an experienced auto transport company, our  team  will help you get things movingand you’ll work with one  dedicated point of contact  throughout the entire vehicle-shipping process – from the first car shipping quote through the final delivery. And with nightly status updates, you’ll never have to question the condition of your vehicle or where it is at any given time during a transport. 


Trusting your vehicle with ACERTUS is easy. Our staff is a team of highly-trained car shipping professionals who are skilled in managing the move of your vehicle from pick up point to its final destination. Here are a few tips to help prepare your vehicle for transport to ensure you have a worry-free  move.


We cannot guarantee the pickup date when shipping a car, but our carriers typically pick up the vehicle within 1-5 business days. Once a carrier is assigned, we will have a better idea of a pickup time frame. The driver will call the phone number you provided ahead of pickup to set a specific meeting time.

Car haulers typically travel 400-500 miles per day. Because of circumstances beyond our control, such as weather, traffic, and construction, we can only provide estimates for pickup and delivery times when shipping a car.

No, the dates we provide are estimates due to potential circumstances out of our control. Weather, traffic, construction and truck breakdowns are all factors that could cause a delay in pickup and delivery of your vehicle. Once a driver is assigned to your shipment, we will be able to provide a better delivery time frame. The carrier will call the phone number you to set a specific time to meet for delivery.

We do not recommend shipping your car with personal belongings inside of it. Personal items inside of the vehicle may entice someone to break in which would not be covered by our insurance. There cannot be any personal items in the vehicle that add weight to the shipment.

You, or someone (18 years or older) that you’ve chosen to represent you, must be present to inspect the vehicle upon pickup and delivery. A document called the Bill of Lading will need to be reviewed and signed by you, or your representative, and the driver to ensure the condition of the vehicle is noted in detail before and after transport.

In some circumstances, yes, we will deliver a car to your home. Please keep in mind that your vehicle will be moved by a full-size car hauler with other vehicles. Because of the truck’s size, we cannot deliver to locations with low hanging trees, narrow streets, dead ends, cul-de-sacs, or any other location that could cause damage to the truck or any of the vehicles on board. We often deliver to a large parking lot such as major retailers, churches or schools.

You, or someone (18 years or older) you’ve chosen to represent you, must be present for inspection of the vehicle upon delivery. The condition of the vehicle will be noted in detail at the time of pickup within a document called the Bill of Lading. This document will then be presented at the time of delivery. In the rare case of damage during transport, you or your representative must notate it on the Bill of Lading and notify ACERTUS within 48 hours. We have an onsite claims team that can assist with any damages that may occur during shipment.

Our drivers do their best to stay clear of any weather conditions that could potentially cause damage to your vehicle, but weather can be unpredictable. Insurance companies call weather damage an act of God. Weather and other acts of God are not covered by our insurance. For example, if there is hail damage this will not be covered by ACERTUS. You will have to submit the damage to your own insurance company. However, our insurance covers damages caused by our drivers while they are in possession of your vehicle.

Yes, any cancellations must be done before the carrier picks up your vehicle for transport. If you choose to cancel your order, we will process a full refund of the shipment price to your credit card within 48 business hours.


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