Vehicle Lifecycle Solutions

What does it mean to be a provider of vehicle lifecycle solutions? It means offering complete, end-to-end services for the lifecycle of a vehicle. It means having one point of contact for all of your needs from transport, to title and registration, to compliance services, to storage and white glove delivery – all utilizing the most advanced, custom technology to process, manage and track the entire process. ACERTUS is the ONLY vehicle lifecycle solutions provider.

Vehicle Transport

Partnering with ACERTUS for your vehicle transportation needs allows you to expand visibility, improve speed to market and enhance the delivery process.

Fleet Logistics

From light to medium duty, even the biggest work trucks – ACERTUS has perfected the process of moving vehicles quickly, safely, efficiently and cost-effectively no matter when or where our customers need them.

Title & Registration

ACERTUS is the leading title and registration company in the nation, with over 30 years experience. We provide a full range of title and registration services in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and throughout Canada.

Vehicle Storage

ACERTUS has developed a unique system that takes advantage of more than 55 storage locations across North America. Each location is staffed by a dedicated service manager who treats your vehicle like it’s their own.

Care Services

We have a vast array of care services that will assist in reducing down time and avoiding any delay in delivery including maintenance, body work, detailing and more.

Final Mile Delivery

Final mile delivery is our white glove service where a representative from ACERTUS will deliver your vehicle to your door, fully detailed and filled with gas.

Innovative Technology

At ACERTUS, our people, process and innovative technology are the driving force behind our ability to deliver vehicle lifecycle solutions. We invest in technology to stay ahead of the industry trends and to provide our customers with the cutting-edge tools to make better decisions.

We say we deliver. And we do.

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