Innovative Technology

At ACERTUS, our people, process and innovative technology are the driving force behind our ability to deliver vehicle lifecycle solutions. We invest in technology to stay ahead of the industry trends and to provide our customers with the cutting-edge tools to make better decisions. Our team of experts can customize our technology solutions to your specific needs and assist with the integration into your operating system. And the best part? As a valued customer and a partner, this technology is FREE!

ACERTUS Transportation Management System (TMS)

The ACERTUS TMS can seamlessly integrate with your operating system and provide insight into your transportation spend. Our systems are designed to create efficiency and visibility, so our customers can make better informed decisions. With the ACERTUS TMS, you can:

  • Create a customized dashboard
  • Get an instant quote
  • Request transportation services
  • Receive real-time visibility of the inventory in-motion
  • File and track claims
  • Manage transportation spend through the dashboard

We say we deliver. And we do.

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