Vehicle Transport

Partnering with ACERTUS for your vehicle transportation needs allows you to expand visibility, improve speed to market and enhance the delivery process.

ACERTUS offers a full suite of vehicle transportation services, paired with innovative technology to drive efficiencies. Include our ancillary services of title and registration, storage and final mile delivery to save time with one single touchpoint.

Why choose ACERTUS?

Why should you choose ACERTUS for your vehicle transport needs? Other than being your one-stop vehicle lifecycle solution, we:

  • Expand visibility: ACERTUS offers a FREE TMS that is simple, scalable and customizable to help you manage the entire transportation process. Our TMS delivers complete visibility of all vehicle movements and buyer collaboration across your entire network.
  • Improve speed to market: Take advantage of our robust network of carriers in this highly fragmented marketplace. Improve speed to market by including our full suite of vehicle lifecycle services.
  • Enhance the delivery process: Our dynamic carrier on-boarding and compliance management practices are the most comprehensive in the industry. ACERTUS also has the “best in class” claims and carrier pay management.

One single touchpoint

Whether you are moving 500 vehicles to 500 different locations, or 1 vehicle across town, we are here for you. ACERTUS will have your vehicle(s) delivered on time and ready through our vast network of carriers and drivers. At ACERTUS, we do more than move cars. We offer one single touchpoint for:

  • Pick up and inspection: we have over 5,000 active carriers and over 500 drive away drivers and you can reach us any day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • In transit compliance: reduce downtime using our title and registration and other compliance services
  • Advanced technology: utilize our custom portal at no cost to access your transportation metrics, pricing, real-time tracking and more, and can be customized and integrated with your current operating systems
  • Delivery: proof of delivery, ready for sale or storage
  • Final Mile: white glove delivery anywhere

ACERTUS Transportation Management System (TMS)

The ACERTUS TMS can seamlessly integrate with your operating system and provide insight into your transportation spend. Our systems are designed to create efficiency and visibility, so our customers can make better informed decisions. With the ACERTUS TMS, you can:

  • Create a customized dashboard
  • Get an instant quote
  • Request transportation services
  • Receive real-time visibility of the inventory in-motion
  • File and track claims
  • Manage transportation spend through the dashboard

To learn more about this, and other innovative technology at ACERTUS, visit: Innovative Technology

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