Auto Auctions: Truths About Transport

AUTO AUCTIONS: TRUTHS ABOUT TRANSPORT As an industry leader in auto transport, we work with a lot of customers who purchase from auctions. According to the National Auto Auction Association, its membership numbers 345 across North America, with combined sales of 9.2 million vehicles annually. That’s a lot of auctions, and an awful lot of vehicles… read more

Relieving T&R Pain Points

RELIEVING T&R PAIN POINTS ACERTUS is the only company in the industry that offers complete end-to-end services across the entire lifecycle of a vehicle. As a part of that continuum, we happen to be the largest vehicle title and registration company in the nation. As the leader in T&R services, we are able to relieve… read more

Addressing the National Truck Driver Shortage

COMMENTARY: ADDRESSING THE NATIONAL TRUCK DRIVER SHORTAGE ST. LOUIS – Those in the vehicle logistics industry have known for a while that a shortage of long-haul truck drivers in the United States over the last several years has impacted costs and delivery times. According to a report from the American Trucking Association, the U.S. had a shortage of… read more