When Your Car Takes a Break, You Should Too

Need a place to store assets until they make it to their final destination?​

Whether you have an unassigned inventory of fleet vehicles that need long-term storage solutions or need a temporary spot to condition and deploy inventory to new vehicle owner, ACERTUS has the extra space you need. 

From the moment your vehicle enters our storage facility until the day you roll it back into service, our team ensures vehicles are accessible, well cared for and in top running condition. 

We Have The Extra Space You Need

We partner with fleets, fleet management companies, OEMs, dealers, rental car companies and automotive auctions to help them deploy or reposition their vehicles into more viable markets, utilizing our well-positioned and secure storage facilities along the way.  

No matter the type of storage need, the location or the number of vehicles – we have the space. 

Getting Started

Our  experienced  team  can help you find vehicle storage options to suit your needs. We can help your business reap the benefits of full coverage and wide availability, as well as road readiness and online-asset management.  

To request a quote for storage space or another vehicle transport or logistics service, connect with a  team member  online,  or  try  calling  us at:  855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 


Reliable Asset Protection

The security of your assets is our top priority, which is why all our storage locations across North America are fully insured, highly secure and staffed by dedicated and well-trained service managers. We guarantee that all vehicles are monitored by high-security systems while in storage, and all our facilities are more than ten acres in size, paved, well-lit and fully fenced-in. On top of that, we carry full insurance coverage at all storage facilities – regardless of location, size or capacity – so, vehicles have the highest level of protection at all times.

Widely Available Facilities

We offer wide geographic coverage across North America with more than 55 fully insured and highly secure storage and field locations across the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada. Because we know not every delivery is a straightforward point A to point B delivery – and many times, you need a place to store your assets until they’re ready for their very final destination – our teams will work with you to come up with a vehicle transport-and-storage plan that works best for your business goals. With such wide location availability and service flexibility, you’ll be sure to have the solutions you need near the location that makes the most sense for your business – wherever that is and whenever you need it.

Care, Maintenance and In-Storage Service

We offer in-storage vehicle maintenance and service, including detailing, oil changes, windshield and mechanical repairs, body work and more. These services are available through our network of our preferred providers, or through a vendor or your choosing, so your vehicle is ready-to-drive immediately upon delivery. In addition to our suite of care and maintenance offerings, we also offer services while vehicles are in storage including title and registration and compliance services, which means vehicles can be made road-ready before they head to their end destinations.

Online, Any Time

You need the ability to make quick and informed decisions about your assets. That’s why we developed our proprietary online vehicle-management platform that gives you complete access to your vehicles, no matter where they’re located or where they’re headed. This online technology allows you to manage storage inventory and check condition reports, as well as request in-storage reconditioning, mechanical repairs and maintenance.


When your car takes a break, you should too

Need a place to store assets until they make it to its final destination? We have the extra space you need. From the moment your vehicle enters our vehicle storage facility to the day your roll it back into service, our team ensures your vehicle is accessible and in top running condition

Protecting Your Assets

Each of our storage locations are fully-insured, highly-secure and staffed by a dedicated service manager.

Wide Geographic Coverage

We have more than 55 storage locations across North America including Canada and Puerto Rico.

Vehicle Maintenance

We take care of detailing, oil changes, repairs, auto body work, and more so your vehicle is road-ready upon delivery. Service is available through our network of preferred vendors – or one of your own choosing.

Online, Any Time

You have the ability to manage storage inventory, check condition reports and request in-storage service – all online.