Car Haul

ACERTUS can uniquely solve challenges created by capacity limits. With the largest carrier network in the country, we provide access. If there is capacity in the open market, we will find it, providing OEMs, automotive dealers and fleets the ability to flex their auto-shipping needs on demand. We can accommodate any move from any location across North America – whether long-distance, cross-country moves or short-distance, local transports. 



Open-transport trailer, standard vehicle shipping process offers the most competitive rates. Vehicles are transported via traditional open carriers.


We offer competitive, expedited rates with an expected “deliver by” date. Enjoy an accelerated speed-to-market with fast shipping, consistently on-time and damage-free.

Enclosed Critical

For customers the ultimate care and protection for vehicles, as well as extra peace of mind, enclosed carriers protect assets from the elements throughout the haul, no matter the time of year. Vehicles are moved via enclosed auto transport throughout the entire journey, from point A to point B.


  • ACERTUS currently services all automotive verticals with our car-haul service offering – from highly controlled OEM and new car-vehicle transports to dealership vehicle moves and transports for rental fleets, fleet management companies, auctions, remarketers and more. 
  • Our scalability enables us to bundle single units and increase load factor, which in turn, reduces overall shipping costs for the client and creates faster overall speed. 
  • As we increase load factor, the speed-to-market trajectory accelerates rapidly.
  • Through our bundling capabilities, we can offer multiple units to truckers, ultimately creating cost-effective transportation by driving down the overall shipping price. 
  • The scale of our operations enables us to quickly find the right truck to move your shipment. 


Streamline and simplify vehicle transports with our free, easy-to-use platform to help your business move at full speed. Our proprietary TMS connects auto shippers to a network of pre-approved, carefully vetted auto carriers with a capacity of more than 20,000 trucks. 

The auto-transporter platform simplifies and streamlines auto-shipping with instant auto-transport quotes, seamless ordering and real-time visibility into shipments, spend and claims. It also builds on ACERTUS’ history of supplying advanced, proprietary software and services to manage their overall automotive logistics. 

 Our VINlocity software offers full and comprehensive functionality, including: 

  • Quick, free quotes with transport-price information 
  • Standard and expedited shipping rates 
  • Automatic shipping options for single and multiple units 
  • Real-time tracking visibility and notifications 
  • Robust analytics and actionable insights
  • Powerful reporting

With usability and efficiency built into this platform, it features a mobile-optimized design, an intuitive user interface, enhanced data reporting and API compatibility for seamless integration with your existing operating system. 


Custom White Label & API Integrations 

Our auto transportation-management system (TMS) is customized to support your business’s unique needs and seamlessly integrate with your internal operating systems, hassle-free. We offer: 

  • Customized website domain and company branding 
  • API integration with enterprise operating system 
  • Pre-established rates and KPIs 
  • Real-time visibility into car shipment status
  • Instant quotes for standard and expedited vehicle-transportation services
  • Tracking on financial spend and KPIs through robust reporting
  • An ability to easily submit and track claims
  • An ability to chat and easily communicate with ACERTUS team 



ACERTUS has built a highly-selective, carefully-vetted network of more than 7,000 carriers throughout North America, many of which have equipment dedicated to our car haul operations.  


 We measure carrier performance based on FMCSA safety ratings, pickup and delivery on-time percentage, claims ratios and timely event updates. Carriers who meet these high standards get preferential access to freight and transports.  


Our pre-approved carriers get exclusive access to our shipments through our proprietary load board.


Our proprietary ePOD application can pool and source carriers based on their geo-targeted location to ensure fast and efficient pick up and delivery.  


Our experienced team can help you get started with our flexible, customizable car-haul services. Throughout the entire process, you’ll work with a single point of contact, no matter your vehicle-transport or logistics needs. ACERTUS car haulers are dedicated to delivering your assets quickly, safely and with the highest-possible efficiency. 

To request an auto-shipping quote for car hauling, or another auto-transport service, connect with a team member online or do so through VINlocity. 

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