Partnering with an expert in EV logistics is key to ensuring speed and the ability to scale quickly. As the only company to move, store, title and register electric vehicles, ACERTUS has the technology, services, infrastructure, knowledge and experience to make EV logistics easy.


An auto industry transformation has been accelerated by key developments driving progress and expectations including bold moves by car manufacturers, clean-energy goals set by the government, tax incentives, investments in and expansion of charging infrastructure. But, when it comes to Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) logistics, there are many critical differences to keep in mind including:


Our team can safely and efficiently transport EVs and PHEVs to and from anywhere in North America – helping you gain speed to market, efficiency and peace of mind.


There are many considerations when it comes to hauling electric vehicles, especially due to the heavy weight of their batteries and US law prohibiting trucks from exceeding a gross weight of 82,000 pounds, consequently causing a reduction in load factor.

But, even in a supply chain with strapped carrier capacity, ACERTUS can uniquely address EV and PHEV transport challenges and scale quickly on demand with:

  • The largest carrier network in North America
  • Carriers of all sizes from flatbed to a 9-car hauler
  • Smart technology that identifies opportunities for efficiency
  • Ability to consolidate and bundle freight


When it comes to driving an EV, there are a few key factors to keep in mind, especially when it comes to caring for the battery which is absolutely critical to keeping the vehicle in top condition.

Our carefully vetted network of more than 1,000 drivers making every effort to:

  • Keep EV batteries at an optimal 20-80% charging range
  • Have a plan in place for charging, whether that be with public infrastructure, ACERTUS charging stations or mobile chargers
  • Ensure vehicles don’t get too close to zero charge


ACERTUS’ unique hub-and-spoke model combined with our expansive carrier and driver network ensures your EVs and PHEVs are ready when you need them and road-ready upon delivery.


We have 55+ secure field locations strategically positioned across North America which can serve as long-term and short-term stops for EVs that need to be held, repaired or deployed.


EVs can be serviced, detailed and reconditioned prior to delivery so they’re ready-to-drive upon arrival.


On average, an EV will lose 4% of its battery life per day in transport. Our charging infrastructure ensures EVs and PHEVs are charged to an optimal range before being collected and transported.


The ACERTUS title-and-registration team can help our customers stay on top of ever-changing  EVs and PHEVs incentives and fees. Our experienced teams ensure vehicles are properly titled, registered and compliant in all 50 US states, Puerto Rico and Canada to keep your inventory in motion.

While much is the same with title and registration for EVs, much is still evolving. Both incentives and fees exist for these vehicles, and standards are continually changing. Our team will help you stay up to date on EV and PHEV paperwork, maintain client records on tax numbers and tax-exemption forms and keep all this documentation filed away and secure on your behalf.


ACERTUS works closely with companies that own and operate commercial fleets to ensure vehicles are kept compliant, while also helping to manage audits when those occur. Although requirements on heavy commercial EVs are still developing, our compliance team is closely monitoring these changes and prepared to help you with: 

  • Creating a plan to track mileage on large EVs
  • Meeting International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) requirements that still apply to EVs
  • Overseeing audits when they occur

Once you partner with ACERTUS, we’ll make sure your vehicles are covered on all fronts. As compliance standards change, we’ll make sure your EV compliance needs are met.


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