Relocating The Car For Your College Student

Relocating the car for your college student

Making the big transition to college with your child? Follow these steps to simplify the process of relocating a car for your college student. There are so many things a person worries about when sending their child off to school, relocating their vehicle shouldn’t be one of them.

After choosing a company to haul the vehicle, do the following:

  • Air up the tires to manufacturers suggestions.
  • Make sure the vehicle is operable.
  • Put a little gas in the tank. The carrier may need to drive the car on and off the truck a few times.
  • Note the condition of the vehicle by taking pictures before shipping.

Next, even though you may have the desire to fill up the car with stuff, DON’T! The transporter will likely refuse to move the vehicle if it has personal items in it. Having valuables in your car during transportation adds risk despite the otherwise slim chances of having things stolen.

Consider the location when choosing a delivery address. Most streets on college campuses are not designed for large trucks. Therefore, your best bet would be to choose a large parking lot off-campus. Also, make sure that your child will be at the destination location at the time of delivery. This is key so the transporter can have them sign off on the condition report and hand over the keys. The driver won’t want to wait around all day as they will probably have other vehicles to deliver.

Lastly, trust the driver and company that are moving your vehicle. Allow them to do their job. They have experience in moving vehicles so if they say they will get it to a given location at a certain time, believe it! The company wants to ensure your satisfaction, so relax, and focus on getting your child all moved in to their new school!

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