Signatures On Bill Of Lading And Condition Reports, Protect Your Assets

signing bill of lading documents

Most companies require documentation of vehicle transportation and for good reason. When a car hauler picks up a vehicle there is a condition report, or bill of lading, that must be filled out.

Upon pickup, someone who has the authority to sign for the vehicle, should walk the inspection with the carrier. They should then note all scratches, dents and previous damage and sign the bill of lading document. The same is necessary upon the vehicle’s delivery. Once again, someone at the destination should ensure that the car is truly in the stated condition before signing.

This is a key process in protecting your assets. These documents and signatures act as evidence of all damages and that nothing new occurred during transportation. Therefore, you must make any damage claims before signing at the destination.

Also, signatures are a great way to ensure proof of delivery. Carriers may send an invoice for a vehicle that they claimed they moved, but without a signed bill of lading there is no real proof of delivery so payment shouldn’t be made. The signatures on these documents ensures that everything is recorded. This makes it easier to sort out issues if necessary.

Make sure you go the extra step and ensure that there are signatures on all documents. This way you can feel at ease and the risk of any dispute is lowered tremendously.

Have questions about your bill of lading or the transport process? Reach out to an ACERTUS representative.

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