5 Essential Items For Your Glove Box

Essential items for your glove box

Whether you’re making the commute to work or taking a road trip, make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey.

You never know what might happen out on the open road, so it’s best to prepare for anything. Aside from regular maintenance checks, make sure you always have essential documents and accessories with you. The best way to make sure they’re always on hand and easy to find? Keep a well-stocked glove box.

While it’s often used as a repository for ketchup packets and napkins, here are 5 essential items that drivers should always have in their glove box:

License and insurance
Keep all important documents like proof of insurance and a copy of your driver’s license in a plastic bag.

Emergency contact information
In case of emergency, it’s beneficial to have a card with important information about you and your passengers. Keep a list of contacts, physicians, any medications used or allergies for you and your passengers. (It wouldn’t hurt to keep a copy in your wallet, too!)

Sparknotes of your owner’s manual
As much as we’d love to keep our bulky owner’s manual on-hand at all times, there’s just not enough room. Unfortunately, it’s too important to ditch the whole thing. If your vehicle’s manual is more like a combo pack, keep the most important sections – like info on engine care, wiper blade sizes and more – and keep the less vital guides somewhere safe.

This is a good thing to have no matter what. Whether it’s to help you find that rogue french fry or look under the hood of your car in the dark, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a backup source of light.

Spare Phone Charger
Even though there may be nothing wrong with your current charger, it’s still a good idea to carry a spare.

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