How to Provide the Home-Delivery Experience Using Multi-Modal Transportation

Last-mile delivery shown through a fast paced road

As most fleet managers know, order to delivery delays have become the new normal for fleets. Rising demand and increased orders often create production and upfitter backlogs. In addition, consumers have become accustomed to fast deliveries that they can track every step of the way and they demand this of every transaction, including vehicle deliveries. 

Because of these challenges, fleet managers need to find creative, cost-effective solutions. Luckily, there are innovative approaches that they can use to overcome long OTD times while meeting the fleet drivers’ high-expectations and providing a great home-delivery experience.

In our latest webinar, ACERTUS’ Rich Pinnock, Kathy Massey and Mark Harvey discuss how multi-modal transportation can help fleet managers:

  • Meet customer expectations and demand for vehicle home delivery
  • Increase efficiency with in-transit services (T&R, Compliance, Care & Maintenance)
  • Improve decision-making with real time data
  • Shave time off the delivery cycle and increase speed to market
Watch the webinar below or you can also view here.

ACERTUS offers a single-provider solution designed with fleets in mind. Our team is paving a more efficient way for fleet managers to get the job done by combining comprehensive services fueled by powerful proprietary technology.

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