Driving EVs

Driving electric vehicles

When it comes to driving and maintaining an EV, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Taking care of the battery is absolutely critical to keeping the vehicle in top condition. Unlike fuel-based vehicles, which drivers often let get close to an empty tank before refilling, it is not best practice to let an EV battery get too close to zero charge. At the same time, it’s also not best to charge an EV battery to 100% charge very often. Ideally, EV batteries will be kept at a charge of around 20-80% as much as possible.

To help preserve the battery and boost range, drivers may want to keep their speed under 60 mph when they can, avoid areas with heavy traffic or steep hills, travel light, time the battery charge, reduce AC and heater usage and not leave EVs plugged in unnecessarily.

ACERTUS’ carefully vetted expert drivers are well-positioned to drive EVs to and from anywhere across North America, and all ACERTUS drive-away services are covered with both liability and damage insurance, as well as high safety standards. The ACERTUS team is committed to quick responsiveness to clients’ needs, and its industry-leading technology gives clients increased visibility on all services.

ACERTUS is the only full-scale, tech-enabled automotive logistics platform designed to move, store, recondition and title and register finished vehicles. Through a transformative combination of technology, people and experience, ACERTUS is able to deliver proven, complete, start-to-finish service that turns logistics into a competitive advantage for auto manufacturers, fleets, dealers and anyone moving vehicles.

Facts on driving electric vehicle

Learn even more about EVs via our full infographic.


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