Top 5 Most Common Title-and-Registration Errors 

Top Errors with T&R

When it comes to title and registration, accuracy and consistency are both key, especially for companies that need large volumes of vehicle titles and registrations processed quickly.

In processing more than 2,000 transactions a day for dealers, FMCs and many other businesses, the ACERTUS team has compiled the top five errors they see when helping partners with their title-and-registration work, as well as tips on how to avoid these frequently made mistakes.

1. Expired Documents: 
Oftentimes, companies have inspections or insurance paperwork that expires before registrations can be processed. This most often occurs when either the driver or the company in question experiences delays in collecting and submitting the required paperwork. In many cases, when this paperwork is late, it actually expires within days of a title-and-registration provider like ACERTUS receiving it.

To prevent inspection or insurance documentation from expiring while a title or registration is waiting for the DMV to complete processing, companies should ensure the inspection and/or insurance is valid for at least 30 days following the date upon which the order is submitted to either the DMV or a provider like ACERTUS.

If the inspection or insurance is set to expire in less than 30 days from the date of submission, the company in question should indicate this is a rush order on the paperwork – this will ensure it can be processed quickly as an expedited request.

2. Incorrect VINs: 
If the VIN listed on the title document does not match the VIN on the bill of sale, cover sheet or the inspection paperwork, this can lead to rejections from the respective U.S. state DMV, which can further delay processing or risk the state processing incorrectly. When the DMV processes the work incorrectly due to an incorrect VIN, additional costs may also be incurred due to the extra work of having to complete a correction on title-and-registration paperwork.

To avoid incorrect VINs, companies should review all documentation to ensure VINs are accurate and consistent throughout.

If a VIN is incorrect on the title, a company will first have to obtain a title correction through the respective state before proceeding. A partner like ACERTUS can help with title corrections like this.

If a VIN is incorrect on the inspection paperwork, a corrected inspection will have to be obtained to continue processing. ACERTUS can also help with obtaining corrected inspections.

3. Incorrect Mileage: 
If the mileage listed on the title is different than the mileage reported at the time of the sale or transfer, this can also lead to rejections by the respective state’s DMV, as well as delays in processing or the state processing paperwork incorrectly. If the state DMV issues the title with the incorrect mileage, it could classify it as non-actual mileage, which reduces the vehicle’s value at the time the vehicle is resold. The DMV may require the vehicle title be corrected, at which point, this delays processing and additional costs can be incurred.

To avoid incorrect mileage, companies should review all documentation to ensure mileage is accurate and consistent throughout.

If the mileage is incorrect on the title, a company will have to first obtain a title correction through the state before proceeding – ACERTUS can help with such corrections.

If there is just a typo on the new mileage reported, an updated odometer statement will be required, along with an affidavit of error to continue with processing. Typically, the seller or buyer will have this information.

4. Incorrect Owner Name: 
If the owner name on the title reassignment does not match the buyer name on the bill of sale, this is another situation that can lead to a rejection by the respective state’s DMV, processing delays or the state mistakenly processing paperwork incorrectly.

To avoid an incorrect owner name, companies should review all documentation to ensure the owner name is accurate and consistent throughout.

If the owner name is incorrect on the title reassignment, most states will allow an affidavit of error from the buyer or seller, along with the title and manufacturer statement of origin (MSO), to continue processing the license and title work.

5. Incomplete Requests:
Every U.S. state has its own specific requirements when it comes to processing title-and-registration work. If these requirements are not met upfront by companies and requests are incomplete, these can cause unnecessary processing delays.

ACERTUS has experts in license and title that can guide dealers and other companies throughout this process, ensuring they know all state requirements upfront, so they can submit all necessary documents and information in a timely fashion and avoid delays.

ACERTUS as a Title-and-Registration Partner

While it’s fairly common for companies to make mistakes when it comes to title-and-registration documentation, some of these best practices above can help dealers and others avoid delays and additional costs. Another great way to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to title-and-registration work is through a partnership with an expert provider like ACERTUS.

The team at ACERTUS can not only assist with title-and-registration work, but with in-depth training. This can be especially useful for vehicle retailers looking to sell units out-of-state who must navigate multiple states’ title-and-registration requirements and ensure vehicles arrive fully prepped and ready-to-drive at customers’ doors. The full title-and-registration training includes an assessment of a company’s book of business and current process, an identification of title-and-registration opportunities (noting where there is room to improve) and a detailed explanation that outlines what the ACERTUS team needs from them, mistakes to watch out for, instructions on how to properly fill out all paperwork and best practices to employ.

ACERTUS works closely with companies to help them establish processes that make sense for their unique business needs, while helping them navigate titling and registrations with more efficiency and enhancing their ability to sell to customers out-of-state.

Driven by a transformative combination of technology, people and experience, ACERTUS simplifies and streamlines title-and-registration work for dealers, fleet-management companies and any other companies looking to mitigate DMV delays and add more speed and efficiency to their overall operations.

Learn more about ACERTUS’ title-and-registration services, as well as its full range ofvehicle-logistics solutions, at To connect with one of our team members or receive afreequote, contact us hereor call usat:855-ACERTUS (855-923-2477).

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