ACERTUS’ Algorithmic Load Bundling Reduces Logistics Costs, Deadheading and Emissions

As the automotive industry continues to digitize and create efficiencies to minimize further supply chain disruptions and delays, ACERTUS , an omnichannel automotive logistics platform, today announced its latest data science initiative, which uses automation to consolidate freight resulting in 2 million miles saved in July. The technology builds on ACERTUS’ strategy to simplify automotive logistics while ensuring supply chain resiliency which ultimately reduces costs, deadheading and the industry’s carbon footprint.

Recently, carrier profitability and consistency has been impacted by tight market conditions and unseen fuel prices. ACERTUS is using data and automation to bundle freight to maintain business performance in tight market conditions while also making efficiency improvements resulting in full trucks, an emphasis on cost reduction and supply chain optimization. As a result, nearly 20 percent of orders were optimized in July saving on average 7.5% in transportation costs. ACERTUS projects continued upward progression on this metric into the future.

“The pandemic caused delays and exposed weaknesses in the supply chain, specifically for the automotive industry,” said Trent Broberg, ACERTUS Chief Executive Officer. “By focusing on the voice of the carrier and customer, the ACERTUS platform optimizes the dual-sided marketplace given the scale we see today. We are proud of our data science team who have implemented a testing framework on the platform to focus on the direct impacts of the various programs we have in flight. Smart bundling is just one of many of these programs set to change the industry.”

“Through automation and supply chain optimization, we estimate that orders bundled through ACERTUS’ platform will result in more than 10 million miles saved this year alone,” said Blair Koch, ACERTUS Chief Digital Officer. “This initiative drives operational efficiencies for ACERTUS, maximizes load factor for our carriers, and creates efficiencies and economies of scale for less than truckload orders for our dealership and OEM customers.”

Smart bundling is available through ACERTUS Platform and is currently used by several top tier publicly-trade automotive companies.

ACERTUS has created the only completely comprehensive approach to automotive logistics with the ability to move, store, recondition, title and deliver vehicles anywhere in the country through one platform. With one company to handle the entire vehicle journey, this strategy dramatically improves efficiency and reliability for customers. Our people, process, innovative technology and relentless drive to deliver are just some of the reasons we

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