ACERTUS doesn’t just move vehicles, it’s a strategy to advance our customers’ business with an intelligent approach to automotive logistics. Whether it’s one vehicle being delivered to a customer or truckloads heading to dealerships and fleets, moving vehicles from point A to point B entails a complicated, time-consuming, sometimes risky web of activities. It’s a process that has remained unchanged and unhurried for decades. Not anymore.


For Auto Manufacturers, Automotive Dealers, Car Auctions, Auto Remarketing Companies, Mobility Companies, Fleet Management Companies, Relocation and Moving Companies and anyone responsible for delivering a vehicle, there is little room for error in the customer journey. When it comes to protecting your brand, automotive logistics is the new competitive advantage.

We not only deliver vehicles on time and safely to their destinations, we also deliver competitive rates, faster speed to market, reduced risks, improved visibility and increased productivity so you can do more, worry less and get back to business.


As a reliable transport solution, you can expect quality performance alongside reasonable rates. Our approach allows you to centralize your processes and identify bundling opportunities where you can transport multiple vehicles more quickly and cost-effectively.

Our proprietary auto-transportation management system, VINlocity, allows you to access powerful analytics including all transport activity, so you have more freedom to identify opportunities, analyze shipping rates and remove inefficiencies, leading to significant transport price savings.


Through our large, carefully vetted network of carriers and drivers, wide availability and flexibility, we can ensure a faster car delivery service, no matter: 

Delays due to lack of capacity are essentially eliminated through our car carrier network. With transport carriers of multiple sizes, we are able to grow customers’ capacity and increase their speed to market.

We also have a highly trained drive away team, which can serve you and ensure speedy deliveries, no matter whether you need to move one vehicle or thousands. Our drive-away service spans the United States and Canada, so you know you’ll be covered regardless of the beginning or end destination.


With our emphasis on quality, safety and asset protection, we remove unnecessary risks, ensuring carriers and drivers are well-versed and experienced in vehicle delivery protocol. Carriers and drivers for all car transports are then pulled from our well-established and strongly vetted network.

Additionally, with comprehensive liability insurance and contingent cargo-insurance coverage both in place, we deal directly with the insurance company on your behalf. All transports are covered, so you are left with a lower risk of claims, a higher generated profit and overall peace of mind.

Our Safer Ship system checks the Federal Motor Carrier Safety  Administration (FMCSA) website nightly to confirm the status of our carriers and their insurance policies. If there are any failures or changes to a carrier’s status, we are notified immediately, and they are removed from our network until we are able to verify the issue has been resolved.

ACERTUS also takes bold measures to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our customers, employees and suppliers. Out of an abundance of caution, we are taking the following precautions in addition to practicing social distancing:


Our integrated and easy-to-use transportation management system, VINlocity, gives you wide visibility and robust analytics, as well as the ability to select car-transportation services or make changes as needed.

This system even has a portal, just for carriers and drivers, that allows them to operate more efficiently and consistently report real-time data back to you without hassle.

With this access to real-time tracking and visibility, you can better anticipate and prepare for your vehicles’ arrival, so you can schedule detailing, maintenance, car washing and more – reducing any downtime and ensuring your teams can quickly make these incoming vehicles road-ready.


As your single auto shipper, we can help you realize increased efficiencies and preserve your time for working with customers. While we focus on transporting your vehicles, our simple and intuitive platform will streamline your active role in the process.

Protection You Deserve

We protect our clients and their assets with the most comprehensive primary insurance coverage in the vehicle transport industry.


Our in-house Carrier Compliance Team carefully vets each and every carrier and driver to ensure they meet our high standards.

Damage-free delivery

We take pride in our consistent 99.5% damage free record.

Single Point of Contact

From the moment you place an order, a knowledgeable account representative will be your single touchpoint throughout the vehicle-shipping process.

Ultimately, you will spend less time worried about transport logistics and wasting productivity, and more time focused on sales, sales opportunities and growing your business.


Our expert team will find the vehicle-transport solutions that work best for your business and specific shipping needs, whether you’re moving one vehicle or a fleet, cross-country or more locally. 

To get a free quote, reach out to a team member online. 


Turn Miles into Money: Drive with ACERTUS

Turn Miles into Money: Drive with ACERTUS

As the economy shifts increasingly toward gig work, and many people rethink how they approach their work schedules, there are more opportunities than ever before