How to Get Started with Home Delivery 

How to Get Started with Home Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic led to major shifts in consumer-buying behaviors, from online shopping and curbside pickup to front-door delivery. With consumers wanting to shop from the safety and comfort of their homes, there was a spike in demand for the ability to purchase nearly any product online and then have it front-door delivered. It didn’t take long for the auto industry to catch onto this new trend, as automotive retailers worked to meet customers where they were at. In fact, by late 2020, 61% of car buyers reported they would want a newly purchased vehicle home delivered.

However, implementing a distance-retailing and home-delivery strategy can be daunting; vehicle logistics is complicated and time-consuming, and it’s difficult for retailers to know exactly where to begin. This is where ACERTUS comes in to ensure dealers don’t get left behind.

The ACERTUS team has outlined a few simple steps retailers can take to get started with home delivery.

Secure the Transport Services You Need to Sell Anywhere

In today’s ecommerce world, retailers are no longer confined to selling in their local area. With the right logistics strategy in place, retailers can expand their markets and sell vehicles anywhere. Successfully delivering them; however, is the challenge.

A partnership with ACERTUS provides on-demand access to the largest carrier network in North America, so vehicles can be moved from any location to any location with speed, reliability and efficiency.

More than 66 hub facilities strategically located throughout North America allow vehicles to be cleaned, prepped and reconditioned prior to delivery.

ACERTUS’ trained drive-away drivers have the experience to deliver to a wide range of locations, including densely populated urban and suburban areas, sites with narrow roads and neighborhoods with low-hanging trees. Taking vehicles the final mile not only enhances the customer’s car-buying experience, but also elevates the dealer’s brand and presents the opportunity to create customers for life.

Sweeten the Deal for Your Customers

While vehicle transport is a fundamental part of executing out-of-state sales, having the appropriate title and registration in place is also critical.

ACERTUS’ title-and-registration team can complement a retailer’s title clerk by processing titles, title transfers, registrations and license plating for vehicles in all 50 U.S. states and throughout Canada. These services can also be handled while a vehicle is in transit, so the work is completed prior to delivery — a huge added benefit for the new car owners who can then skip the DMV.

Similarly, ACERTUS can further accelerate the speed of deliveries with prep and reconditioning services. If inventory is coming from an auction, another consumer or any other location, ACERTUS can prevent the need for vehicles to hit a retailer’s lot by having reconditioning services handled en route at a hub location.

ACERTUS’ in-transit service capabilities give retailers an opportunity to sweeten the deal, while adding another layer of efficiency to the car-buying experience.

Offer Customers a White-Glove Option

Personalization is the new differentiator in logistics. The greatest opportunity to highlight this customer expectation is in the critical last mile, which – with branded white-glove service – can be the best mile as well. This premium home-delivery option can deliver the showroom experience to a customer’s driveway.

Through this top-tier service, ACERTUS drivers serve as an extension of the dealer’s brand and dress in company-branded gear for the delivery. All vehicles arrive fueled, washed and thoroughly detailed, leaving customers with an excellent home-delivery experience.

Partner with an Expert Logistics Provider

If logistics are ultimately what’s holding a dealer back from selling across state lines and offering driveway delivery, it’s critical to partner with an expert provider that has the experience of picking up and delivering vehicles to thousands of satisfied customers.

ACERTUS removes geographic boundaries for retailers, helping them sell nationally and upshifting their customer experience through excellent home deliveries. While vehicle logistics are known to be complicated, time-consuming and sometimes even risky, ACERTUS provides retailers with a straightforward approach, ensuring their ecommerce efforts are successfully executed through smart, reliable logistics.

ACERTUS provides retailers with start-to-finish service that is comprehensive, fast and efficient. Retailers can expand their reach and sell more thanks to ACERTUS’ widely available carrier-and-driver network, strategically mapped hub-and-prep infrastructure and title and registration processing capabilities in all 50 states and Canada.

While it can be intimidating to get started with home delivery, ACERTUS simplifies and streamlines this process, turning once-complicated logistics into a true competitive advantage.

Learn more about ACERTUS’ home-delivery services, as well as its full range of vehicle-logistics solutions, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a free quote, contact us here or call us at: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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