ACERTUS Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Power Freight Matching Recommendations Enhancing the Carrier Experience

ACERTUS, the largest automotive logistics-as-a-service platform, today announced the release of AI-powered load recommendations to its industry-leading platform. This latest enhancement helps carriers find freight quickly so they can reduce downtime and continue earning.

Powered by machine learning models, ACERTUS’ proprietary load board delivers personalized freight recommendations as well as location-based back haul and next haul load suggestions to drive operational efficiency, reduce manual searches, and increase load acceptance. The system leverages thousands of data points derived from historical and daily moves to detect patterns, location, load size, and destination and recommend the best load available. ACERTUS leverages proprietary and third-party algorithms to power this enhancement.

“Our new platform release unlocks unprecedented efficiency by addressing critical pain points in the freight process,” said Trent Broberg, Chief Executive Officer at ACERTUS. “By automatically delivering personalized load recommendations, our carriers get an enhanced experience that improves overall service quality and client satisfaction, while accelerating supply chain performance.”

This feature is available to all existing and prospective ACERTUS network carriers in ACERTUS’ proprietary load board. Along with the integration of load recommendations into the ACERTUS platform, the company will continue to expand AI into its other products and uses, including pricing optimization, and more.

ACERTUS is the only omnichannel automotive logistics platform that provides end-to-end solutions for vehicle lifecycle management. With a focus on technology and innovation, ACERTUS offers a comprehensive suite of services, including vehicle transport, storage, maintenance, title, registration, and compliance services, among others. With one company to handle the entire vehicle journey, this strategy dramatically improves efficiency and reliability for customers. For more information visit

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