As a single, comprehensive platform to move, store, recondition and title and register vehicles, ACERTUS provides frictionless fleet logistics.

When you partner with ACERTUS, we ensure your fleet is accessible, well cared for, in top-condition and delivered on time and damage-free. Learn how having one fully integrated logistics provider can help you save time, make informed business decisions and streamline operations.

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A better auto shipping process with flexibility, consistent reliability, superior service and greater visibility. We have built a carefully vetted network of 8,000 carriers representing 20,000 trucks to accommodate any move from any location across the nation. We will accelerate your time to market with standard and expedited shipping and an expected deliver-by date so you can better anticipate and plan for your vehicle’s arrival. The safety of your vehicle is our highest priority, that’s why we uphold the highest safety standards and offer the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry; we proudly maintain our 99.5% damage-free delivery.