Compliance Services

Your Outsourced Resource for Regulatory Compliance

You need your vehicles to be IRP, IFTA and DOT-compliant, so your business can run. But it can be complex, time-consuming and expensive to keep up with the day-to-day work involved in keeping fleets regulatory compliant. It can also distract from your critical daily operations.  

Fortunately, our dedicated and experienced transportation compliance team ensures your fleet is road-ready and above-board at all times. With capabilities that span everything from permitting, IFTA fuel tax reporting and keeping up with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA’s) stringent standards to title and registration, safety regulations, driver qualification files, toll and transponder management systems, consulting and beyond, we’re able to oversee all your compliance needs. 

Additionally, our experienced teams, working partnerships with crucial outside entities, strong infrastructure, technology-enabled solutions and wealth of compliance-related knowledge all give us a competitive edge and better position us to solve your compliance pain points. 

While choosing to partner with an outside provider is certainly an investment, it’s also a step toward more risk protection and increased overall value. ACERTUS’ dedicated teams have deep industry and compliance knowledge, as well as a commitment to excellent service as they work daybyday to keep all vehicles, trucks, drivers and carriers

Our teams will handle your organization’s fleet compliance operations and:

  • Ensure work gets done accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively for all assets, including commercial vehicles
  • Provide data-driven and strategic counsel, showing companies how to better manage fleets regardless of industry type (applies to for-hire trucking companies, FMCs, power grid companies, waste management companies, product shippers and more). 
  • Mitigate overall risk of regulatory fines and penalties. 
  • Deliver comprehensive services throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle. 
  • Allow clients to work with a single, dedicated point of contact who works professionally and with a sense of urgency.

Getting Started

We’ll help you find solutions for your compliance needs, as well as any other vehicle transport or logistics services you’re seeking. We will work closely with you at all times, so you can achieve the full benefits of having a dedicated and expert compliance partner on your side. 

To request a quote for compliance help or another vehicle service, connect with a team member online, or try calling us at: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). We serve customers across the United States and Canada.

Title & Registration and Base Plate Renewals and IRP

We can help with all aspects of title and registration, from entity creation to renewals and acquisition. We are also equipped to issue out plates for expedited service, as permitted by state.


We simplify your accounting, payments and fuel tax reporting for IFTA compliance. We also offer Weight/Mile and HUT state support.

Driver Qualification Management

We maintain DQ files, helping you manage your drivers’ training and testing service records, so you can be sure your driver force is fully compliant at all times.

Safety Management and DOT Compliance

We serve as the “Fleet Safety Manager” on behalf of your company or organization. This can be arranged as either a consultative or contractual agreement.

Toll and Transponder Management

We manage toll access areas, costs and disputes and transponder inventories.


We can offer full-service consulting on telematics platforms, for all types of fleets with commercial motor vehicles.

Compliance Services

Your outsourced resource for regulatory compliance

When vehicles are not compliant with IRP and IFTA, they can’t run – and neither can your business.

But the day-to-day work involved with keeping your vehicles regulatory compliant is complex, time-consuming, expensive and distracting from critical day-to-day operations. 

Outsource compliance and regulatory operations to a dedicated team who apply their deep industry and regulatory knowledge to your organization’s fleet to

  • Ensure work gets done accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Provide data-driven strategic counsel on how to better utilize and manage fleet
  • Reduce risk of regulatory fines and penalties
  • Provide comprehensive services throughout the lifecycle of a vehicle
  • Work with a single, dedicated point of contact who shares your industry-driven sense of urgency

Title & Registration/ Base Plate Renewals / IRP

Specializing in titles from entity creation, renewals to acquisition, we are equipped to issue plates for expedited services as permitted by state.


Simplify accounting, filing, payment, and reporting of fuel taxes across state lines and HUT state support.

Driver Qualification Management

Expedited quality and service to ensure that your driver force is fully compliant.

Safety & DOT Management

Consultation or contractual, we serve as the “Fleet Safety Manager” on behalf of your organization.

Toll & Transponder Management

Management of toll access areas, cost/dispute, and transponder inventories.


Full-service consulting on telematics platforms for all types of service fleets.