ACERTUS blends technology, infrastructure, people and expertise to execute vehicle acquisitions and home deliveries, streamline logistics and help dealers operate at peak efficiency.


Digital retailing has revolutionized car sales and service, providing consumers unparalleled access to inventory and the expectation for faster fulfillment. Dealers are now left with the challenge of how to move more product faster and upshift the customer experience.

At the same time, dealers are being forced to navigate ongoing industry disruptions, which have been extended by a global shortage of critical parts, as well as lagging new car production Additionally, factors like inflation and a constrained supply chain have further exacerbated inventory challenges. 


Ultimately, dealers need a simple but sophisticated method for:

  • Transporting inventory and achieving speed to market
  • Offering home-delivery and executing out-of-state sales
  • Covering all title-and-registration services
  • Streamlining vehicle logistics with technology


ACERTUS doesn’t just move vehicles. We provide a strategy to advance dealers’ business with an intelligent approach to automotive logistics. ACERTUS has the technology, infrastructure and experience to help move inventory wherever you need it and fast. 


ACERTUS has the largest network of carriers, with sizes ranging from a flatbed truck to a nine-car hauler, ensuring the ability to scale on demand. 


Through well-positioned infrastructure, proprietary technology and expert service, ACERTUS establishes speed to market for dealers.


ACERTUS is equipped to hep with remote trade-ins, picking up vehicles from the customer and delivering them wherever needed. 


ACERTUS removes geographic boundaries. We level the playing field so every dealer can be national.

ACERTUS has the infrastructure to help dealers expand their ability to sell out of state and offer home deliveries with 8,000+ carriers, 1,000+ drivers, 66+ hub-and-prep locations and title-and-registration processing capabilities in all 50 U.S. states and Canada.

No matter the location or distance, ACERTUS can accommodate any move, anywhere – including densely populated cities and areas with narrow streets or low-hanging trees. 

With 66+ hub and filed locations and in-storage maintenance and reconditioning capabilities, we ensure vehicles are prepped and in top conditions before final delivery to your customer.

With in-transit title-and-registation services, you’ll close deals faster by offering road-ready vehicles upon delivery.

The last mile may be the most challenging, and the costliest, but it also has the greatest opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations. ACERTUS simplifies this process, making the dealer’s role easy and delivering turnkey vehicles. 

We can deliver your showroom experience to the customer’s driveway. With ACERTUS’ white-glove, premium delivery service, drivers arrive in company-branded shirts, and cars arrive fully washed, detailed and fueled.


ACERTUS removes the hassle from title-and-registration work, especially with out-of-state sales.

The ACERTUS title-and-registration team has processing capabilities in all 50 U.S. states and throughout Canada. 

Through our direct connections with state DMVs and in-house processing capabilities, ACERTUS completes title-and-registration work in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. 

ACERTUS also has a pre-approved courier network with runners that wait in line at the DMV, with paperwork in hand, so you don’t have to.

With an overnight direct option, requests and documents can be sent via FedEx to DMVs for fast processing. 


Simplify vehicle transports with ACERTUS’ proprietary auto shipping platform, VINlocity. This free and easy-to-use Transportation Management System (TMS) provides quick quotes and real-time visibility into every aspect of the vehicle journey.

Move one or multiple vehicles across town or cross-country, with a few simple clicks.

With the VINlocity platform, you'll enjoy:

Easy integration with existing operating systems

Fast access to critical, real-time data

Detailed analytics on shipments, spend & claims


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