Ensuring A Strict Transport Onboarding Process

A Strict Onboarding Process For Transport Providers

If you ask an airline employee or human resources professional about “onboarding,” you’re sure to get different answers specific to their industry. To ACERTUS, onboarding is the process of vetting the haulers in our vast network of carriers.

It’s not every day that you ship vehicles across the country, so it makes sense to verify that your transport provider won’t outsource the job to just anybody.

Ask Questions Before Committing

The first question to ask your potential auto transport provider is if they are a broker or if they have their own trucks. Depending on the size and longevity of the operation, they may be a broker, own their own trucks or be a hybrid of the two.

Below are some additional questions you should ask your potential auto transport provider before moving forward:

  • Do you periodically run insurance checks on all your drivers?
  • Are your drivers covered for the right amounts? ACERTUS provides an additional $500,000 in contingency cargo insurance for every shipment we handle.
  • Do you check your drivers’ safety ratings? We check each night through our Safer Ship program.
  • Do you verify that your drivers have the authority to haul vehicles? Auto transport regulations may vary from state to state.
  • Do your drivers have the ability to promptly communicate status on shipments? Perhaps nothing is more nerve-wracking than not knowing where a shipment is or if the driver is reachable.

Some transport companies don’t do any of these things. Some do them every once in a while. At ACERTUS, we do all of this and more every day and for every load.

For more information on our onboarding process, contact us. We are committed to making auto transport easy, safe and worry-free.

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