The Importance Of The ACERTUS Nightly Status Reports

Importance of nightly status reports when transporting vehicles

Nightly status reports is a feature that we have come up with at ACERTUS to keep our customers informed as to where their vehicle/vehicles are in the in transportation process.

Our Process

Each day, our team checks the status of active transport orders and contacts the carriers. After the call, ACERTUS employees enter their detailed notes in the system. We do this so that all team members are on the same page. Each evening, our team generates a report and sends it to the customers who have requested this feature.

Why Status Reports Matter

Nightly status reports are very important not only to the customer but also to ACERTUS. On every nightly report, we list the status of all customer vehicles (Dispatched, In Route, or Delivered). Along with the status, reports include the estimated pickup and delivery dates provided by the carrier and the days consigned. Anything older than three days is highlighted in red. If an over three days old, our team will make sure everything is still running smoothly. Highlighting the order in red, notifies an ACERTUS employee that it needs to be looked into.

Nightly reports provide the customer some comfort by keeping them informed. They also help customers prepare by knowing when their vehicles will arrive. Setting up nightly status reports is very easy and we are happy to do it for any customer! At ACERTUS we are on a mission to help our customers so if you have any ideas, let us know!

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