Adhering To New-Car Shipping Guidelines

New-Car Shipping Guidelines

As a nationwide vehicle transport company, ACERTUS is proud to have a strong, diverse customer base. That means we ship new, pre-owned, rental, and retail vehicles, and even the occasional specialty vehicle like boom trucks, ambulances and shuttle buses. Since we transport a fair amount of vehicles for new car manufacturers, we adhere to strict new-car shipping guidelines. 

As you can imagine, a dealer accepting delivery of new cars for a big sale puts a lot of trust into us as their transport provider. Getting a scratched vehicle or a late delivery impacts their bottom line. That’s why we take our responsibility very seriously.

Our new-car shipping guidelines include:

  • Proper driver apparel, no exposed metal on belts, chains, etc.
  • Driver apparel cleanliness, clean gloves, boots, etc.
  • Proper strap tie downs, over-the-wheel straps only
  • Four strap tie downs on each vehicle
  • Spill kits in each truck
  • Manufacturer shipping manuals in each truck
  • No smoking, turning on the radio, wearing of gloves in a vehicle
  • Adhering to speed limits within the loading facility
  • Most importantly, being safe while loading and taking the time to ensure the job is done correctly

Not only do we adhere to these guidelines when shipping new cars, we also extend those procedures and customer service amenities to all customers. 

All organizations or individuals shipping with us have access to:

  • 24/7 tracking through VINlocity
  • Dispatch seven days a week, with service from friendly and responsive dispatchers
  • $500K of contingency cargo insurance
  • The largest truck network in the United States

We like to think our experience and commitment to service set us apart from other transport providers. If you ever have a question about the new-car shipping guidelines, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to chat with you about our procedures and high standards.

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