Reliable Transport Ensures Speed To Market

Reliable Transport Ensures Speed To Market

In business, speed to market is the time elapsed between placing an order and when the product is available for purchase.

In the vehicle transport industry, speed to market affects everyone from dealerships taking delivery of new vehicles, to car rental agencies replacing an aging fleet, to remarketing companies that sell pre-owned equipment.

At ACERTUS, we help clients maintain speed to market. Delivering new vehicles or replenishing inventory in a timely fashion helps them maximize profits and provide plenty of options for their customers.

We do this in several ways. First, our nationwide network of over 3,500 insured carriers can get to and from pickup points fast. Our vast network also provides instant availability and the ability to support surge and overflow volumes.

Additionally, our dispatch team is available seven days a week. Yes, we answer questions and take orders on the weekend because we know that speed to market is critical.

Lastly, our use of cutting-edge technology drives the customer experience. It allows you to place orders online, track shipments, and get ETA’s 24/7. We were also the first company in the industry to offer a free iPhone app.

No matter the distance, size or location of your shipment, ACERTUS deliver your vehicles on time and damage-free.

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