Considerations For Cross-Country Shipping

Considerations For Cross-Country Shipping

When shipping cross-country, distance and weather can impact delivery dates. Alisha Bray, ACERTUS West Coast/Midwest dispatch coordinator, offers the following considerations to keep in mind when shipping cross-country.


  • Transit times for moving coast to coast are usually 7-10 days from pickup during normal conditions.
  • The average transit for north-south shipments is usually 5-7 days after haulers are loaded.
  • Longer distances increase the possibility of delays due to additional pickups and drop offs along the route.
  • Any delay or cancellation can affect turnaround time as drivers take time to help resolve issues.
  • Lastly, following normal Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for driving hours and mandatory restarts will affect transit times.


  • Inclement weather can impact transit times. Winter is the hardest time since haulers have to account for highway closures and dangerous driving conditions.
  • Transport through mountainous regions can cause significant delays, especially when the DOT requires tire-chains during snowy weather. This is because, drivers can only go about 20-30 miles per hour when the rule is in effect. If caught operating without chains, drivers can be charged steep fines.
  • Depending on how bad conditions are, an additional 2-3 days may be required for transport.

ACERTUS dispatchers work closely with customers to provide accurate ETAs and help ensure safe delivery. We do this by:

  • Promoting safe driving practices and strict adherence to all DOT regulations. We do not tolerate cutting corners or utilize drivers who break the rules.
  • Staying up to date on weather conditions across the country and advising our customers of possible delays.
  • Staying in contact with our carriers and providing nightly status updates to our customers.

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