Tips For Shipping Your Car This Summer

Tips for shipping personally owned vehicles

As the school year comes to an end, ACERTUS usually sees an uptick in orders for shipment of personally owned vehicles (POVs). Whether it’s families moving when their kids are out of school, or new graduates relocating to another part of the country, many utilize our services to transport their vehicles. Following are some useful tips for shipping your car this summer.

Before you ship

  • If your vehicle is inoperable for any reason, please inform our sales team so that we can arrange for adequate equipment and transportation.
  • Provide ACERTUS with several different methods to contact you. This is essential so that the driver can call ahead to verify pickup and destination times and details.
  • Please inform our sales team of any blackout dates where the origin or destination may not be available to release or receive the vehicle. It doesn’t benefit anyone for a carrier to show up with your vehicle at a time when nobody can receive it.
  • Car haulers need adequate space to load and unload a vehicle. Alert our sales team to any physical obstructions that may impede pickup or delivery such as low bridges, low-hanging trees, dead-end streets, etc. You may need to consider meeting at a nearby parking lot or large open space.

Preparing your vehicle

  • Have your car in relatively clean condition so that any damages are easily visible.
  • Remove all detachable personal/household belongings from the vehicle. In no event shall ACERTUS or its subcontractors be responsible for the loss or damage of any such contents. We and our subcontractors and agents can refuse to move a customer’s car until all such items are removed from the vehicle.
  • Remove any temporary bike racks, camper shells, aftermarket antennas or anything else that is a temporary addition. If permanent, alert your sales representative.
  • Make sure there is gas in the vehicle. A full tank isn’t necessary but the vehicle needs to have at least a quarter tank of gas.

Origin and destination inspections

At pickup and delivery, you or someone you give consent to must take the following actions:

  • Complete a thorough vehicle inspection with the driver, acknowledging all damage before and after
  • Sign off on the bill of lading finalizing pickup and delivery.

Status Updates

When you work with ACERTUS, you can track your shipment anywhere and anytime on VINlocity. Create a free account to track shipments 24/7.

If you have any questions about transporting your POV, let ACERTUS help you. We work with customers big and small to get their vehicles transported safely and in a timely manner.

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