Tips On Placing A Vehicle Shipping Order

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At ACERTUS, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless vehicle shipping experience.  It starts with getting a quote online or from one of our sales reps. Once you are ready to ship your vehicle, we can get started on your order. However, in order to dispatch the order to a carrier we’ll need some information. 

Here are some things you will want to have ready when placing your order to help expedite the process.

  1. Vehicle information
    • Last 8 or 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • Make and model
  2. Pick-up and drop-off 
    Have the following information for both the pick-up (origin) and drop-off (destination) locations:
    • Address
    • Contact name, phone number and email address
    • Hours of operation – if a place of business
  3. Payment
    • Credit card if you are shipping a personally owned vehicle (POV)
    • “Bill To” information if you are a place of business
  4. Special instructions
    Does the carrier need to know about any restrictions or instructions that may impact delivery?
    • Examples for POVs: low-hanging trees, cul-de-sac, blackout dates or t  imes, road construction, etc.
    • Examples for a place of business: no weekend deliveries, specific entrance to use, etc.

If you have any questions throughout the vehicle shipping process, contact us and we’ll be happy to help answer them.

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