Summertime Tips For Truck Drivers

Summertime Tips for Truck Drivers

ACERTUS works with hundreds of drivers across the country. This time of year, the summer heat can impact both drivers and their vehicles. To help ensure personal and vehicle safety during these hot months, Senior Dispatch Coordinator Jesse Chilton offers the following summertime tips:

Hydration and Body Temperature

  • Drivers should carry plenty of water and/or sports drinks to rehydrate
  • Have cold/wet towels on hand
  • Sit in the cab of the truck to cool down
  • Take their time while loading and unloading to prevent heat exhaustion and blackout
  • Wear light-colored clothing to stay cool
  • Always wear a reflective vest

Pre-Load and Unload Inspections

  • Drivers tend to rush pre-load inspections when it is unbearably hot outside
  • Rushing will only increase the risk of damage, injury and heat exhaustion
  • Do your best to stay cool and hydrated, and don’t rush the inspection process

Preventive Maintenance

  • Summer months are typically when original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) slow down due to summer plant shutdowns. This is a good time to do preventive maintenance on equipment – hydraulic lines, tires, straps, ramps, etc. – before the volume picks up again.
  • Whether you own your own truck or drive a company hauler, summer is a good time for preventive maintenance.

Traffic and Weather

  • SiriusXM provides nationwide alerts from the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on all of its channels and information specific to 20 major metropolitan markets on its Traffic and Weather channels (SiriusXM 132-140)
  • Park under a bridge when possible during a hailstorm to prevent damage to loaded vehicles
  • Avoid flooded roadways to prevent water damage to vehicles
  • Keep an eye out for low-hanging tree branches, especially in rain-saturated areas
  • If you know the receiving dealership is in an area that has been recently hit with heavy rains/floods, call ahead to make sure it is still receiving deliveries
  • Here is a popular iTunes app used by drivers for traffic alerts:
  • Be aware of wildfires and seek alternate routes for areas affected by heavy smoke

Following these summertime tips will help ensure you and your truck stay safe.

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