How to Avoid Auto Shipping Roadblocks

Lucas Schott, Sales Lead | Oct 29, 2019

We live in an age where technology allows for most anything we desire to be delivered quickly, safely, and affordably right to our doorsteps. Why should auto shipping be any different?

Historically, auto transport services have presented mostly challenges to shippers: It can be expensive, complex and time-consuming. But worse, lack of visibility and slow shipments affect speed to market.

ACERTUS presents solutions. As a tech-enabled automotive logistics company we are solely focused on solving your complex problems with custom, end-to-end solutions. By pairing comprehensive services with powerful proprietary technology, we will help you do more and worry less so you can focus on growing your business.

The latest in transportation technology is reshaping the auto transport industry. Just like the package you ordered online or the lunch you ordered through your food delivery app, the ability exists to track each step of shipping a car to another state or across the country. Providing this enhanced level of visibility into the auto shipping process is improving the delivery process, increasing speed to market, and reducing claims.

What This Means for Shippers

Better Visibility

The auto transport industry is often opaque, making it difficult for shippers to track their vehicles and prepare for arrival. This lack of visibility turns shipping into an uncertain process with unpredictable costs.

To abate these frustrations, we give our clients access to our proprietary transportation management system, VINlocity, that offers visibility of vehicle status and pushes nightly tracking notifications, so your vehicle’s status is never in question. Additionally, ACERTUS provides in-depth data reporting on spend so customers can better monitor and manage your shipping budgets.

Faster Speed to Market

For those invested in auto shipping, speed to market is critical. Vehicles must be delivered on time and damage-free, or you can incur additional costs or experience loss of revenue. Lower quoted rates often translate to slower shipments, which isn’t an option when timelines matter. Every day a vehicle doesn’t arrive equals missed revenue opportunities and incurred costs

That’s exactly why we give shippers options: you can select standard shipping or choose an expedited rate for even faster delivery. This approach lets shippers pick your own priority. ACERTUS ensures time-to-market acceleration, backed by a “deliver by” date. As a result, vehicles arrive on time and damage-free.

A Trustworthy Team Moving & Protecting your Assets

Our dynamic carrier on-boarding and compliance management practices are the most comprehensive in the industry. We leverage technologies to ensure we are partnering exclusively with the safest, most reliable drivers in the industry. Our carriers are fully insured (each driver carries $1 million in auto liability coverage and up to $500,000 in cargo coverage) and safe (we boast a 99.5% damage-free delivery record). Every driver is Department of Transportation-verified and reference-checked. In fact, we check our network daily to ensure it’s up to date — any lapse in insurance or accidents will trigger removal from our preferred network.

Shippers gain peace of mind knowing that in the very rare event something happens to a shipment, we have comprehensive insurance as well as an umbrella policy to provide an extra layer of security and coverage.

Lower Total Delivered Cost

Lower transport rates don’t always result in the lowest Total Delivered Cost which is why selecting the right partner is critical to your bottom line.

  • Visibility: If you don’t have visibility into shipment status, the opportunity to reroute or prepare for the vehicle’s arrival is extremely limited.
  • Speed to Market: If delivery is late, you could get stuck with the car post-arbitration period or potentially miss a sales opportunity.
  • Protection: If you have to file a claim with an unvetted transport partner, you may get caught footing the bill for damages.

If you are ready to move with a partner who provides better visibility, faster speed to market and superior asset protection, contact one of our dedicated, knowledgeable representatives about our extensive suite of comprehensive auto shipping solutions and discover how we tailor our solution to serve your needs.

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