Eliminating Transportation Guesswork: Outsourcing Vehicle Transports to One Provider

Eliminate Transportation Guesswork

Dealers want a vehicle-transport strategy, not a guessing game. Fortunately, those dealers that outsource their vehicle transports to a singllogistics provider often achieve more coherence to the entire vehicle delivery process.  

Dealers may have concerns about outsourcing to just one single vehicle transport provider, particularly on what it will mean for their business if one aspect of the provider’s business suffers. This is especially true in the current, unprecedented COVID-19 climate when there is so much uncertainty for the future holds for the auto industry, dealerships, the vehicle supply chain and potential logistical challenges as a result 

But in choosing to work with one trusted and financially stable logistics provider with well-diversified business offerings like ACERTUS, dealers can quickly remove guesswork from the equation. Through such a partnership, they can achieve multiple business benefits including profitability, lower liability, faster revenue recognition, improved productivity, improved visibility and more. 

Flexibility, Quality, Security 

ACERTUS, a tech-enabled, automotive logistics and services company, delivers flexible solutions with quality and consistency well established throughout its vehicle delivery process. And rather than deliver a one-size-fits-all approach to every dealer, ACERTUS’ carrier network allows it to quickly adapt to each dealer’s specific buying needs.   

Unnecessary risks are mitigated, as ACERTUS ensures all its carrier partners are thoroughly vetted and committed to vehicle safety. On a nightly basis, ACERTUS verifies all its carriers’ insurance coverage and DOT ratings, making sure that no potential risk is overlooked. 

Secured with proper liability insurance and contingent cargo coverage, ACERTUS adds that much more protection and security to a dealer’s assets – clearing away risks and developing an ideal environment for a higher generated profit. 

Additionally, ACERTUS’ proprietary transportation-management platform VINlocity streamlines vehicles, as well as the dealer’s overall workload and involvement. This technology features robust reporting, regular updates and real-time tracking, which provide full visibility and transform vehicle transport deliverables into one simple and intuitive process. 

Where to Go from Here  
There are quite a few dealer advantages that come from outsourcing vehicle transportation to a single logistics provider. Learn more about these many advantages by downloading our free white paper here.  

ACERTUS is committed to helping dealers realizing these benefits to their business through its wide carrier network and simplified vehicle-transport process. To find out more about ACERTUS’ unique vehicle-logistics solutions, visit ACERTUSdelivers.com.  

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