At Your Service: How Dealers Can Offer At-Home Convenience Throughout a Vehicle’s Lifecycle

No-Contact Lifecycle Solutions

Fast global spread of COVID-19 has created numerous challenges, opportunities and demands for the auto industry especially around vehicle home delivery and at-home vehicle services, and by and large, dealers are now on board to fully serve their customers without requiring their physical presence. With their customers’ safety and convenience top of mind –and with the knowledge that those customers may not want to enter a dealership location for their next car purchase or car service – dealers are allowing customers to simply stay out of dealership buildings, no matter their respective vehicle needs. This means dealers are not just offering remote car buying options, but also contact-less options for all vehicle services, including care and maintenance, vehicle trade-ins, test drives and more. 

However, despite expanding their offerings to benefit customers, many dealers are struggling to keep up with demand due to lack of car delivery infrastructure or safety protocol. By attempting to meet customers’ increased expectations for a remote carbuying process and at-home vehicle services, many dealers are having to utilize high-value resources to successfully complete these deliveries.  

But this is exactly where an experienced vehicle logistics provider can step in and offer solutions. With more than 20 years of home delivery experience, thoroughly vetted home delivery drivenetwork and a nationwide footprint with 55 hubs that allow dealers to reach previously out-of-reach customers, ACERTUS is a reliable and well-positioned dealership partner to execute vehicle home deliveries – no matter the distance.  

Such a partnership means a dealer can focus on accommodating a customer’s vehicle needs, while ACERTUS focuses on delivering and retrieving vehicles safely and professionally, bringing the showroom and servicedrive experience straight to the customer’s door.  

Cut Out Inefficiencies and Maximize Productivity 

While COVID-19 and its reverberating impacts are still on the minds of many, shutdowns and quarantine mandates are largely loosening up around the country. Dealerships that were originally required to close down are beginning to open up again, and many are offering more specialized solutions to customers that are either medically advised against or just not comfortable with going inside a dealership building. This most certainly includes contact-less home delivery options.  

But as the demands for vehicle home deliveries continue to rise, a large number of dealers are feeling the pressure of not having preexisting delivery teams or the proper infrastructure in place. Some are even resorting to sending out their top-tier vehicle mechanics, salespeople, service writers or managers to make the deliveries, taking them away from what they do best and creating unnecessary inefficiencies for the dealership. 

Fortunately, vehicle logistics provider ACERTUS offers local home delivery and pickup solutions, as well as car haul options for longer distance moves. Through its vehicle home-delivery offering, ACERTUS pulls drivers from a well-vetted and widely available network, utilizing these drivers’ expertise and relying on their proven records to make timely, damage-free and contact-less deliveriesThis concierge service results in a white-glove experience for the customer, with drivers dressed in company-branded gear.  

Additionally, for those customers that need to plan ahead or just want to know precisely when their vehicles will arrive, ACERTUS offers tracking and regular status updates on all local home deliveries. This tracking is accurate enough to give customers a delivery window within minutes, as opposed to the typical hours or even days most delivery tracking involves. Plus, drivers send out notification emails to customers, informing them of who a specific driver is and when that driver will be on his or her way. 

No matter whether a dealer’s customer needs a vehicle delivered to a home, vacation home, residence or other location, ACERTUS’ drive away team will make sure it arrives on time and hassle-free.  

Wide Range of Services to Meet All Customer Needs 

Service doesn’t stop at the vehicle delivery itself. Just as customers expect to receive additional care, maintenance and service offerings when they purchase a vehicle in-store, they now demand to receive those same services from the convenience of their homes. 

Customers expect dealerships to offer to pick up their cars for regular maintenance or added service appointmentsas well as drop off those vehicles afterwardso they have the added safety and convenience of never having to step inside a dealer’s building or service department. 

This is why ACERTUS often partners with dealersoffering drive away services to and from customers’ homes and allowing those dealers to consistently meet their customers’ expectations. Additionally, at a time when health and cleanliness are of the utmost importance, ACERTUS’ teams also offer contact-less and vehicle sanitization options. Customers can rest assured that they can shop for, purchase and receive their vehicles safely and hygienically, without every requiring them to have human-to-human contact. 

And for those dealers who want to exceed customers’ demands for remote delivery options, ACERTUS’ drive away teams and infrastructure are ideally set up to assist with contact-less test drives and virtual trade-ins on used cars, as well. Through these many no-contact service options, dealers can provide customers with at-home convenience throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle, no matter the specific vehicle status or customer request. 

The Missing Puzzle Piece: A Reliable Vehicle Logistics Partner 

ACERTUS knows the way dealers deliver vehicles and vehicle services to customers is rapidly changing, and that changing reality has been hastened due to the recent coronavirus pandemic. To help ensure dealers have success in meeting customers’ home delivery and home service demands, ACERTUS is committed to working with each individual dealer on the most appropriate drive away setup for its respective business. 

Whether required drive away services entail just a simple and professional vehicle home-delivery option or full suite of contact-less service offerings, ACERTUS’ teams will ensure customers are satisfied and dealers’ businesses are on the right track to thrive in this quickly evolving and largely contact-less vehicle-sales-and-service environment.  

Learn more about ACERTUS’ car home delivery options, as well as its full range of solutions for auto logistics and transport services, at To connect with one of our team members or obtain a free auto shipping quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887).

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