Lightening the Load: How Outsourcing Compliance Drives Value to Companies with Large Fleets

Lighten Your Load With Outsourced Compliance

Supplychain obstacles, changing laws and regulations, employee safety precautions, productivity concerns – most companies are worried about all this and more, as they confront the realities of COVID-19 and its impacts to their business, inventory or workforce. 

Because of this, many have even taken steps to reexamine their overall operations, with the goal of eliminating any inefficiencies and boosting productivity. with some of their employees either unable to, or uncomfortable with, coming back to work, many companies are reevaluating their day-to-day priorities. 

With so many moving parts, fleet compliance needs are the last thing businesses want to worry about right now. As such, many companies with larger fleets – such as for-hire trucking companies, FMCs, power grid companies and waste disposal businesses – are choosing to outsource carrier compliance services to a third-party provider like ACERTUS. 

Similar to hiring an outside provider to handle all tax needs, a partnership with an outside compliance service provider takes a significant workload off the back of a business, while also granting that business a sense of relief that all compliance needs will be handled accurately, professionally and on time.  

 While choosing to partner with an outside provider is certainly an investment, it’s also a step toward more risk protection and increased overall value. If companies fail to perform compliance services correctly, they can face poor audit results and hefty fines. By outsourcing these services to a third-party provider, companies can rest assured that their compliance needs will be met with efficiency and accuracy, across the board. 

 In fact, ACERTUS’ dedicated teams have deep industry and motor carrier compliance knowledge, as well as a commitment to excellent service as they work, day in and day out, to keep all vehicles regulatory-compliant. 

A Complete Compliance Service Package 

ACERTUS is proud to offer a full range of solutions to help companies’ meet their fleet compliance needs. With capabilities that span everything from licensing, permitting and IFTA fuel tax reporting to title and registration, safety regulations and Department of Transportation (DOT) management, driver qualification management, toll and transponder management systems, consulting and beyond, ACERTUS is properly positioned to address a company’s compliance pain points. 

Oftentimes, companies that pursue more complicated IRP, IFTA and DOT management services from ACERTUS will also opt for completing their full compliance package with more basic title and registration solutions, as well. 

No matter the regulatory needs, ACERTUS has the proper teams, working relationships and infrastructure to help meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) high operating authority standards. Here’s a breakdown of all the available compliance services: 

IRP/IFTA  Full licensing, permitting and IFTA fuel tax reporting services, as well as HUT state support. Teams complete compliance reviews on all motor carrier tax and registration requirements, state IFTA and IRP requirements and fuel tax reporting obligations. They deliver comprehensive reporting – tracking and gathering data on all units weekly, monthly and quarterly to ensure valid filings – with information on GAP, fuel, mileage, idling and client-specific requests.  
Safety & DOT Management  Either consultation or contractual, with ACERTUS serving as the “Fleet Safety Manager” on behalf of the company. Teams schedule and perform safety meetings, design and implement driver training programs, apply audit and best practice programs for fleet operations, create customer solutions for fleet safety and compliance and create and maintain Driver Qualification files that prevent damages, penalties and public safety risks from unsafe driving. 

Title & Registration  Compliance service package can be made complete with ACERTUS’ title and registration services. Full initial and renewal processing is offered, no matter how large a fleet size. 

Toll & Transponder Management  Management of toll access areas, toll payments and disputes, as well as maintenance of transponder inventories. Fleet management and assignment for transponders to all assets. Services also cover escrow and payment process maintenance for toll violations, as well as work on behalf of the company to challenge any disputed toll charges. 
Telematics  Full-service consulting on telematics platforms for all types of service fleets. Existing relationships with multiple telematics providers, so properly positioned to plan and implement installs for companies, provide best possible service and pricing and offer telematicsplatform transportation management. 
ACERTUS Delivers a Competitive Compliance Edge  

Fleet-heavy companies can gain an advantage – and get their vehicles made road-ready that much more quickly – when they outsource  vehicle compliance needs to a third-party provider.  

ACERTUS will work closely with state agencies to quickly and efficiently get vehicles operating legally, saving businesses crucial time in the process. All titles are stored in a secure database, and processes are standardized across all company locations. 

Beyond adding speed and efficiency to their business, a partnership with ACERTUS will also reduce a companies’ overhead, ensure accuracy, save valuable time and resources and standardize processes. Headaches and huge cost impacts from non-compliance audit fines can be avoided, and companies’ time will be freed up, so they can stay focused on what matters most – meeting their business goals. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’ proven track record on all compliance services, as well as its full range of solutions for vehicle transports and logistics, at To connect with one of our team members or to request a quote,contact us hereor call us at: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 



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