Navigating Title and Registration Pain Points: What You Need to Know

Navigate Title & Registration Pain Points with ACERTUS

No one wants to deal with the hassles, logjams and inefficiencies that stem from title and registration delays. And now, in the midst of ongoing challenges from COVID-19, companies with fleet title and registration needs are facing a whole new set of time-consuming pain points. 

While most DMV offices across the country have started to reopen, many of them also have scaled-down hours, staffing limitations or new policies or restrictions they must follow as they work to process documentation and register fleet vehicles. Some cities or counties have even decided to keep certain DMV locations closed for now, putting even more pressure on those offices that have reopened. 

Notable Pain Points Across the United States 

Here are some of the areas where our title and registration team at ACERTUS  have seen the most delays or overall noise across the country:  

  •  Indiana: Due to partial closures around the state, there is a backlog of about five to six weeks. 
  •  Nevada: DMV locations in the state were fully closed for nearly three months. They are now open, but because of the long closure, the state is backlogged by about 3 to 4 weeks.  
  •  Oregon: Similar to Nevada, DMV locations in the state were fully closed for nearly three months. Now, all locations are operational by appointment only, with the current delay ranging from six to eight weeks. 
  •  Connecticut: Special plates can only be renewed by mailing them into the DMV, causing a backlog of about six to seven weeks. Fortunately, ACERTUS can process standard and most commercial plates in-house, so turnaround time for those is only about three to five business days. 
  •  Maryland: Similar to Connecticut, ACERTUS can process standard and most commercial plates quickly and in-house. However, all other plates must be walked in to the DMV location by a runner. While ACERTUS has an efficient runner network, Connecticut has placed daily limitations on the number of allowed walk-ins, creating delays of about three to four weeks.
  • Harris County, Texas (Houston Metro area): Due to limited staffing, and lack of availability for phone calls or email responses,  there is a three to four week backlog in this area. 

With lengthy delays, downtime and inefficiencies like these, many auto companies have seen major impacts to their speed to market, overall productivity and, ultimately, their bottom line. As such, quite a few companies are looking for new ways to navigate these ongoing title and vehicle registration obstacles and forge a better, more efficient path ahead. 

How to Get Ahead on Your Vehicle Title and Registration Needs 

Prioritizing speed, efficiency and value, many companies are turning to third-party title management and registration partners. An outsourced provider like ACERTUS has the infrastructure, direct connections, expert teams and technology-enabled solutions to help a business meet their title and registration needs quickly and with the least amount of delay.  

Companies can further help ACERTUS move more swiftly by collecting and submitting documentation like POAs, inspections, emissions and all state or county specific requirements as early as possible in the process. Once you partner with ACERTUS, its team will work with you on all these details, helping you be thorough as you collect documentation. The sooner ACERTUS’ team has access to this crucial documentation, the faster it can get to work on fulfilling all necessary registration and titling services. 

Once steps like these are taken, all documents can be easily submitted to ACERTUS’ title and registration team via its proprietary online software. Through this industry-leading technology, ACERTUS’ customers can make requests, track order status in real time and have documentation submitted. As soon as this process has begun, customers receive immediate status updates. Additionally, customers can rest assured they’ll have visibility and direct access to all documents, titles and registrations because all pending and completed items are scanned and electronically stored through this very same software. 

While there is not much that either ACERTUS or its auto partners can do to change DMV closures, limited hours or other COVID-19 restrictions around the country, both ACERTUS and the companies it works with have ways to speed up the process and maximize efficiencies. Auto customers can prioritize preparedness and submit all requests and documentation early on at which point, ACERTUS can hit the ground running and move swiftly to  turn over all respective requests and documentation to the appropriate DMV via overnight direct mail. 

From that point on, ACERTUS’ team will do all it can to prevent unnecessary delays, keep the process moving and achieve the best possible speed to market for the customer utilizing direct DMV connections, pre-approved courier network, state requirement expertise and powerful technology along the way. 

ACERTUS is Here and Ready to Help 

Despite the many title and registration process obstacles facing auto companies at this time, ACERTUS is committed to its role as a strategic vehicle logistics partner and state relations expert. No matter a company’s title and registration needs, our dedicated, experienced and widely available team is here to help.   

Customers will work with only one point of contact throughout the entire process, simplifying and streamlining the overall workflow and customer workload. In addition, ACERTUS’ title and registration team ensures quality control and manages risk for the entire fleet by utilizing tools like automatic order entry, VIN decoder, direct image uploads, hourly audit reporting and more. All titles are stored in a fireproof safe, located in a secure vault, yet our team has the ability to pull records quickly and on demand. 

And because ACERTUS has a wide range of expertise and the capacity to easily scale to an individual business with its unique fleet of vehicles, our title and registration services are ideal for dealerships, fleet management companies, rental car companies, auction businesses, insurance companies, financial institutions and more.  

We are pleased that we can continue offering our full range of comprehensive services to customers during this unprecedented time. Learn more about what we at ACERTUS are doing to assist our auto partners amid the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.  

ACERTUS offers quite a large variety of fleet services, as well as vehicle transport and logistics management solutions — discover more at our website: If you’re ready to connect with one of our team members or receive a free quote, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887).  

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