Opportunities for Flexible Work: Join the ACERTUS Courier Network

Join the ACERTUS courier network

When it comes to titles and vehicle registration – particularly for multiple vehicles or fleets – there’s quite a number of important documents, signatures and approvals required. Companies wishing to achieve speed and efficiency in their operations often rely on outside providers to assist and keep the title-and-registration process moving. Many of these providers also have courier networks, full of individuals who are dedicated to helping with Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office runs and moving crucial paperwork or files along.  

 While not every title-and-registration order or request requires a DMV visit with a dedicated person to run important documents, quite a few do, and this is exactly where such couriers come into play. These individuals do everything from picking up and delivering checks, titling work and license plate information to handing off important paperwork, legal filings and vehicle records and running other title-and-registration errands on behalf of their respective title-and-registration provider.  

In fact, ACERTUS utilizes a robust courier service network for many of its title-and-registration needs, as in-person DMV runs and documentation needs arise. These couriers are crucial when it comes to ACERTUS completing orders efficiently and achieving true speed to market and consistency for its customers. 

DMV offices across the country are still working through backlogs that originally started building during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and locally mandated shutdowns. While there are often unexpected delays or long lines, there are now many new technologies, strategies and process solutions to support couriers in their work and to help them navigate any delays with ease. In fact, courier positions like these are seeing increased popularity, as the positions allow for true flexibility with scheduling, location and overall workload. 

Despite the backlogs DMVs are still working through, ACERTUS is well-positioned to navigate title-and-registration challenges, supporting the many couriers in its robust network along the way. Those looking to find quality work can choose a courier role that allows them to bring in income, while working within their own unique schedules and availability. Essentially, a courier role offers an individual income and flexibility, as well as the benefit of boosting the overall economy through his or her work. Specifically, ACERTUS’ courier network offers a fast cycle time, as well as the support of its expert teams, proprietary tech-enabled solutions and a fast-and-efficient process for all title-and-registration tasks. 

Expert Teams, Working DMV Partnerships and Quality Control 
Because couriers can face long lines and unexpected delays at many DMV service areas across the country, they want to know they’ll have everything they need to move fast and efficiently at the DMV. This includes all information and proper documentation they need, as well as support from title-and-registration processing teams with the expertise and know-how to resolve any obstacles as they arise.  

Fortunately, ACERTUS has a team of more than 150 processors who are dedicated to title-and-registration work and supporting couriers in any way they can. Their expertise and understanding of the many ins and outs of title-and-registration policies in locations across the country allow them to better assist couriers in the ACERTUS network, ensuring each courier can complete his or her task at each respective DMV location. 

And because ACERTUS’ teams keep up to date with various state regulations and requirements, closely monitoring any changes, they’re able to send couriers the timely and accurate information they need to complete each respective task. Beyond that, ACERTUS knows couriers can also be forced to deal with rejections, which only further delays them and bogs down their already-busy schedules. Therefore, ACERTUS’ title and registration teams consistently implement and maintain quality-control measures that increase accuracy and limit any risk of delay. Through automatic order entry, VIN decoders, image availability, hourly audit reports, systemic pre-defined process flow and account-based rules and validation, ACERTUS can ensure the highest levels of consistency and accuracy, paving the way for all couriers to be fast, efficient and well-supported on each one of their runs. 

Proprietary Technology and a Swift, Streamlined Process 
Every ACERTUS courier is armed with powerful proprietary technology to optimize their efficiency and accelerate all title-and-registration document processing and deliveries. 

Through one simple online platform, couriers can instantly see all the orders and tasks in front of them. The amount of in-office DMV visits, required phone calls or other communications back-and-forth between the courier, ACERTUS and the end client are reduced and simplified through a streamlined and easy-to-use platform — leading to a better supported, faster and more efficient overall experience for all those running orders.  

Essentially, many headaches or courier delivery service issues are reduced for those in ACERTUS’ network, and inefficiencies are largely smoothed out, allowing them to take on more orders, more quickly, if and when they’re ready. They’ll spend their time handling title and registration pick-ups, completing more orders with more speed and ease, and they’ll have the ability to be even more consistent and accurate via these unique tech-enabled solutions. 

The ACERTUS Difference 
While there are a number of different companies and networks looking for couriers at this time, ACERTUS’ commitment to excellence stands out. ACERTUS wants all of its couriers to have the support, expertise and tools they need to not only achieve success for the customer, but for themselves, as well.  

ACERTUS is dedicated to ensuring each and every courier has the best-possible positioning to accomplish their title-and-registration orders on time, with ease and without unnecessary delay or stress. This is because ACERTUS knows the stronger the systems and infrastructure in place, the more knowledgeable and available its processor team and the more intuitive its mobile-app technology, the better couriers can deliver speed to market and great service on every order — and the more likely couriers will be to enjoy working within ACERTUS’ robust and wide-reaching network. 

If you’re interested in becoming a courier for ACERTUS or just simply want to learn more about this role, please contact Nicholas Miccoli at Nicholas.Miccoli@acertusdelivers.com. Auto transport company ACERTUS offers a full range of vehicle logistics and transportation services across the United States and Canada — discover more at our website:https://acertusdelivers.com.  https://acertusdelivers.com 

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