Work Trucks, Service Vans, Electric Cars and More: ACERTUS’ Drivers Can Move Any Vehicle

Transport ANY Vehicle ANYWHERE with ACERTUS

Drive away isn’t just for transporting luxury vehicles. Whether you need to move a work truck, service van, upfitted vehicle, electric car or anything else, ACERTUS’ drive-away services can help.  

With a network of more than 1,000 highly trained drivers, as well as well-positioned infrastructure and technology that allows for visibility with real-time reporting and updatesACERTUS can address a variety of auto transport options for a wide range of customers. 


Expert Driver Network 

One of the most crucial elements of a successful drive-away program is its drivers. Professional, experienced and properly certified drivers ensure companies can safely, legally and efficiently transport their vehicle from point A to point B. Any logistics provider that offers drive-away services must be able to guarantee that its drivers are fully compliant with the correct certifications and clearances, as well as show that it requires all drivers to meet high standards of safety with each and every transport. 


Within ACERTUS’ network of more than 1,000 carefully vetted drive-away drivers, all managed to DOT (Department of Transportation) standards, while many others also have CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) clearance, allowing them to move all vehicles, including commercial trucks – no matter the size or weight of the truck. All drivers are required to be at least 24 years old and tobacco-free at all times, and they all hold clean driving records with satisfactory MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) and Safety Performance historiesACERTUS also ensures all drivers in its network have passed thorough criminal background checks and federal DOT drug screenings before they ever start transporting vehicles. 


Beyond these certifications, thanks to the protocol and standards ACERTUS has in place for all its drivers, the provider consistently maintains a 99.5% damage-free vehicle-delivery rate. Its goal for all drive-away moves is to transport the vehicle safely, so it stays in the best-possible condition, without any unnecessary wear and tear. 


Well-Positioned Infrastructure 

In order to move vehicles quickly, efficiently and securely, a logistics provider must have the proper infrastructure in place – including expert teams, widely available services, sophisticated and easy-to-use technology and more. This infrastructure must also be conducive to servicing the vehicle type each respective customer needs to move, whether that’s a work truck, luxury vehicle, service van or anything else.  


Beyond having experienced team members in place to ensure a fast and efficient drive-away process with the least amount of obstacles, ACERTUS also has availability throughout the United States and Canada, so its customers can truly transport vehicles to and from just about anywhere. ACERTUS’s infrastructure and diversified offerings mean that it also offers a full range of other services, such as storage, care and maintenance and title and registrationSo, if a power company needs to store a service vehicle for a short period of time, or a car manufacturer needs help with titling and registration before a vehicle is delivered to a dealership, ACERTUS’ teams can assist. 


Additionally, as electric vehicles continue to become more prevalent, it’s more important than ever that providers be able to move and care for electric vehicles that need transporting. ACERTUS is now able to accommodate all electric vehicles, regardless of size, and has invested in the charging stations – both those that are stationary at its storage sites and those that are portable. 

Real-Time Reporting and Updates  

Regardless of whether a customer needs drive away services for a newly upfitted vehicle, an electric car, a service van or anything else, it’s crucial to have timely and accurate information on the vehicle being moved. Ideally, a logistics provider can provide drive-away customers with real-time reporting and regular updates, giving them both visibility and peace of mind. 


ACERTUS’ proprietary technology allows for regular updates on all vehicles being transported, pickup and drop-off email notifications and in-depth reporting to create a transparent process for customers and ensure they have the information they need to make crucial business decisions. One of the most valuable reports ACERTUS generates for customers is the Electronic Condition Report, which gives detailed condition data for each vehicle while in our care. It enables drivers to operate at the highest level of efficiency while real-time data and faster status updates, all while allowing for paper- and contact-free deliveries. And with the simplicity of ACERTUS’ platform, customers can quickly and easily access all this information, right at their fingertips. 


Consider Drive-Away Services When You Need Vehicles – Any Vehicles – Moved 

Whatever your specific vehicle type, route or additional services requestedACERTUS can establish an efficient and stress-free drive-away program that works for you and your unique business needs. We commit to a high level of service and the utmost professionalism on all orders, as well as innovation and responsiveness when it comes to finding the best solutions for you.  


Learn more about vehicle-transport company ACERTUS and its services – as well as its full range of vehicle logistics and other solutions like title and registration and compliance – available across the United States and Canada at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quick quote on fleet-management options, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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