Top 6 Car-Buying Tips for Women: How to Feel More Empowered and Navigate the Auto-Shopping Process

Turn car-buying into an empowering experience

As we celebrate Women’s History Monththere’s no better time to provide tips women can follow to feel more prepared and empowered for the overall car-buying process, which can often result in disproportionately negative impacts for women shoppers.  

In the US, 62% of all new cars sold are purchased by women buyers, and women have influence on more than 80% of all car-purchasing decisions. Yet, women often have a much harder time when it comes to visiting car dealerships, negotiating with a predominantly male sales force and feeling welcome and comfortable in that environment.  


Recently, we sat down with The Car Mom (Kelly Stumpe) to have a conversation on how women can feel more confident throughout the car-shopping process and navigate some of the most typical obstacles. Together we came up with six key steps women can take to make the overall auto-shopping process more positive, empowering experience: 

  1. Select a great salesperson 
  2. Do research ahead of time to narrow down your vehicle choices 
  3. Request a remote test drive 
  4. Skip the DMV via dealer-enabled title-and-registration services
  5. Opt for a home-delivery option
  6. Choose a car-shopping method that works best for you – whether in-person, online or a combination of both 

There are opportunities throughout the car-buying process that allow women to take the wheel and be in more control. All options are really on the table when it comes to women choosing the type of vehicle-purchase experience they want to have – whether they want to handle all parts of the process in person, complete all steps online or choose a combination of both. In fact, many customers now do research on desired vehicles online, come into the showroom to make sure they like the vehicle in question and then request to have it dropped off at their home, workplace or other preferred location  


Vehicle home deliveries can save women valuable time and allow them to receive their vehicle where they want, in a manner they want. Many dealerships are now partnering with vehicle-logistics providers like ACERTUS to help them transport vehicles and successfully complete such home deliveries. ACERTUS also employs its proprietary technology, VINlocity, so vehicles can be tracked from pickup to delivery, allowing complete visibility into the status of a vehicle and providing more peace of mind with the overall process. 


Beyond assisting dealers with vehicle transports, vehicle-logistics providers like ACERTUS allow fothe added convenience of skipping the DMV and completing title-and-registration services prior to deliveryAnd through its driver network, ACERTUS can assist dealers in providing their customers remote auto-service options like trade-ins, test drives, vehicle conditioning and repairs – all of which can take place without a customer ever leaving the comfort of her home or having to stop in at a dealership site.  


No matter what, if women are choosing to purchase a new or used vehicle, they should feel confident with the dealer or online retailer they’re selecting, the ease and efficiency of the process, the additional services the dealer offers and the level of service the dealer can commit to delivering. It’s crucial that women be empowered throughout the process, achieving the positive experiencethey want when it comes to both shopping for a car and, ultimately, car ownership. 



Learn even more about ACERTUS’ vehicle home-delivery solutions, as well as its wide range of vehicle-transport and logistics services across the United States and Canada, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quick quote, contact us here or call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 


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