Title and Registration, Inspections, Care & Maintenance and More: ACERTUS as Your Feet on the Street!

Let ACERTUS be your feet on the street

Out-of-date plates. vehicle in disrepair. A fleet that needs storage. All these obstacles can slow down your fleet, and thus, your flow of operations. Such fleet concerns detract from your fast and efficient processes and force team members’ to lose precious time just to focus on the issues at hand. 

This is where a one-stop shop for fleets can come in handy. Vehicle-logistics providers like ACERTUS don’t simply offer fleet transportation from one location to the next – they also act as feet on the street, assisting with everything from title and registration and vehicle inspections to care and maintenance, repairs, storage and more. 

In particular, ACERTUS operates in all 50 states of the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico and Canada, so the companies it partners with don’t have to worry about hiring multiple transporters or logistics providers based on the specific area of business at any given time. They can simply call their point of contact at ACERTUS and explain their specific fleet needs, and team members will be ready to assist. 

Beyond fleet transportation via drive away or car haul, here are a few of the key services ACERTUS offers the companies it works with, so they can achieve high performance value, reduce downtime and keep their operations efficient. 

Navigating through a fleet’s title-and-registration needs – particularly if there are multiple state requirements involved – can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. Fortunately, ACERTUS has the expertise to handle fleet title-and-registration services across the United States (all 50 states), Puerto Rico and Canada. With a specialized State Relations Expert and a robust title-and-registration team, ACERTUS stays up-to-date on all regulations and requirements by area, taking into account both state and local changes as they occur. 

By taking on companies’ fleet title-and-registration work, ACERTUS allows them to bypass going to or dealing with the DMV directly, increasing their efficiency and helping them stay focused on their own business priorities. Whether a business has new vehicles that need all their titling and registration work, simply requires help with renewals or needs registration help in a different state or locality – ACERTUS has the ability to take care of these needs and expedite the entire process. 

With this work now removed from a company’s to-do list and all streamlined through the team at ACERTUS, that business reaps the benefits of working with one single point of contact at all times. And through the easy-to-use, proprietary technology ACERTUS employs, companies gain further efficiency and accessibility through real-time updates on both the status of their vehicles and the title-and-registration work that’s involved. 

Care and Maintenance  
ACERTUS offers a wide range of care-and-maintenance services that can be completed while a vehicle is in transit or in storage, helping companies expedite their processes and move much more swiftly. By helping take care of fleets while they’re en route or temporarily put in storage, ACERTUS can ensure vehicles are quickly and efficiently made road-ready without the need for delays or headaches. Our in-transit care and maintenance servicing includes: 

  • Auto Detailing: Interior and exterior detailing, including shampooing seats, carpets and mats. 
  • Premium Car Wash: Spray wash, vacuum and hand dried. 
  • Oil Change: Completion of a standard oil and filter change. 
  • Automotive Repairs: Mechanical, interior, upfit, cosmetic and safety repairs. 
  • Inspections: Vehicle inspections, including emissions, smog, safety, state and VIN.  
  • Windshield Service: Repairs or replacements for windshield chip, star or crack. 
  • Recall Process: Completion of a recall prior to transport or storage. 

Companies who utilize any of these vehicle maintenance services can select from ACERTUS’ network of preferred vendors or select a vendor of their own choosing. 

While ACERTUS can handle a variety of high-quality services while a fleet of vehicles is in transit, sometimes vehicles need to be stored or in-storage servicing – and this is where its multiple storage locations across North America come into play. 

With more than 55 fully insured locations in all 50 states, in Puerto Rico and throughout Canada, ACERTUS’ facilities are widely available and give the companies it works with access to highly secure storage options wherever they need them. In fact, all of ACERTUS’ storage facilities include high-security monitoring, are staffed by a well-trained management team and have lots that are large, well-lit and fully fenced-in. 

Plus, if a company wants to ensure vehicles are made road-ready while they’re in storage, ACERTUS offers all the same service options as described above while vehicles are on-site – title and registration, detailing, oil changes, repairs, inspections and more. 

Whether a business has an unassigned inventory of fleet vehicles that long-term storage, or simply needs to store a few vehicles temporarily, ACERTUS has the space, geographic availability and service capabilities required to cover the job. 

ACERTUS for All Your Fleet-Service Needs 
ACERTUS is committed to not just working with your company on vehicle transportation, but also on a full drive-away program that includes the specific fleet services you need – whether title and registrationcare and maintenancestorage or anything else.  

Regardless of your unique transport, logistics or fleet-service requirements, our team members are ready to partner with you and develop the best solutions for your business.  


Learn more about ACERTUS’ vehicle-transportation solutions – as well as its full range of fleet services like title and registration and compliance – available across the United States and Canada at https://acertusdelivers.com. To connect with one of our team members or receive a pricing quote on fleet-management options, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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