Ensuring Excellent Home Deliveries: Walk-throughs, White-Glove Service and More

How to Exceed Expectations with Vehicle Home Delivery

If the last year revealed anything about the future of selling vehicles, it’s that e-commerce and vehicle-home delivery are here to stay. According to a 2020 report conducted by ACERTUS, 80% of car shoppers are open to buying a vehicle online.  

But customers are pretty clear on what they’re looking for when it comes to home-delivery options for their next vehicle, with 88% reporting that an assessment of the vehicle is the most important factor in helping them make a decision to move forward.


This data reveals that customers do, in fact, want vehicle home delivery – but they also want peace of mind in their purchase. 

Peace of Mind with a Vehicle Purchase 

Customers want to feel good about the vehicles they purchase, particularly if they’re purchasing a used vehicle online – they want to know as much as possible about its condition and that it will arrive in that same condition. 


 ACERTUS’ recent report noted that 49% of those surveyed expressed their top concern was that their vehicle could be damaged during the shipping process. Retailers must consider what safety measures they put in place while shipping vehicles – and make sure to be upfront with customers about their tight safety protocol. 


As a logistics provider, ACERTUS vets each and every carrier and driver to ensure they meet a high set of safety standards. As such, it has a consistent 99.5% damage-free record on all its transports and can deliver on all CDC guidelines around COVID-19, mitigating any risks to both the vehicle or the customer and ensuring each vehicle arrives safely and securely to its destination. Additionally, All ACERTUS drivers leverage proprietary ePOD technology, VINlocity to provide customers with vehicle-condition reportsphotos of vehicles and regular status updates on pickups, deliveries and other services along the way. 


Beyond security around vehicle shipping, ACERTUS’ report found that 83% of customers said they would want a walkthrough of vehicle’s features upon deliveryThis is a white-glove level of service offering, but it delivers on what the customer expects while also helping to close the sale. Such walkthroughs allow customers to truly assess the vehicle and all its various components, and then decide they are ready to move forward with the purchase.  


In addition, many retailers offer their customers the ability to do remote test driving and trade-ins. This allows customers the convenience of staying at home if they choose, but it also allows them to have a better overall experience and ensure the vehicle in question is the one they want. 

The bottom line is that for consumers to feel good about purchasing a vehicle online, they have to feel confident in the condition of the vehicle from the moment it ships to the moment it arrives at their door. 

All About the Customer Experience 

In all aspects of the home-delivery processthere are opportunities for retailers to create a white-glove customer experienceWhen it comes to delivering a vehicle via drive-away service or car haulit’s crucial that all drivers and carriers are highly trained, and that vehicles are delivered with a full tank of gas, plated and fully detailed.


In addition to these basic delivery expectations, 79% of customers say they’d like title-and-registration work completed before they receive their vehicle. And currently, with ongoing DMV backlogs and delays as a result of COVID-19 and recent shutdowns, the title-and-registration experience has become that much more taxing for those just hoping to get what they need for their vehicles. This leaves the door wide open for retailers to expand their white glove home-delivery service offerings, developing a program where vehicles are fully plated, titled and registered before they’re delivered – and ensuring customers can drive their new cars as soon as they arrive. 

ACERTUS offers such title-and-registration services and can implement these as part of a retailer’s larger home-delivery program. Customers can skip the DMV and rely on the expertise of ACERTUS team members to complete this work prior to delivery, navigate any obstacles that arise and ensure vehicles have the proper plates, titles and registration, so they’re road ready. Additionally, its title-and-registration team has established direct connections, as well as in-house processing capabilities with many states across the country, allowing for a digital and even more efficient manner of completing such work in these areas. 

Providers can also further expand upon the at-home services offered to customers, providing options like remote vehicle maintenance, repairs, returns and recalls. Widening service offerings to include a whole suite of options like this allows customers to keep their vehicles in good shape and have any vehicle issues addressed quickly and efficiently, while never having to leave the comfort of their homes.  


ACERTUS as a Home-Delivery Partner 

Customers want a seamless experience with an online vehicle-purchase and vehicle home-delivery experience. They prioritize peace of mind in terms of their investment, the ability to assess a vehicle before a purchase is finalized and additional services like title and registration or white-glove service. 

The team at ACERTUS has 24 years of experience in home-delivery solutions, utilizing either drive-away or car-haul services to complete deliveries on behalf of vehicle retailers. With a full range of vehicle logistics and services, a large, carefully vetted network of well-trained carriers and drivers, storage hubs across the country and a proprietary mobile-app technology called VINlocity that allows for title-and-registration processingACERTUS has the ability to help retailers establish a true home-delivery program complete with title and registration, inspectionsstoragecare and maintenance and more. 

In addition, ACERTUS also has the ability to put these logistics in reverse for trade-ins, returns, recalls, test drives and service or repair pickupsACERTUS’ goal is to serve as a partner in this process, establishing services that make sense for each specific retailer and that retailer’s customer base. 


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