Home Delivery is Here to Stay! Customers Demand Remote Options

Home Delivery

In 2020, home deliveries skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers wanted the safety and convenience of being able to order a new vehicle from the comfort of their home. However, as the Delta coronavirus variant has raged and caused there to be a spike in cases again – and as consumers get even more used to ordering groceries, house supplies, pet food and everything else with just a few simple clicks – vehicle retailers continue to experience high demand for online car shopping and delivery options.  


More and More Customers Expect a Home-Delivery Option 

While vehicle home delivery took number of years to truly catch on within the larger automotive industry, COVID-19 expedited the growing trend, so that it’s not just fully online-based retailers that offer such services now – but rather a growing number of dealerships, auction sites, rental car companies and more. Customers continue to show they like having an online-shopping option, with the ability to have their vehicles delivered wherever they want.  


Beyond just the convenience they offer to customers, online car buying, and vehicle-delivery service give customers extra peace of mind – especially during a time where the Delta variant is surging, social distancing is recommended, and consumers want the flexibility and security to remote shop for their next car. 


According to an independent study ACERTUS conducted at the end of  2020, 80% of car shoppers are at least somewhat open to buying a car online, and 50% of them are very or extremely open.  


Retailers Can Expand Their Overall Reach 

It’s more important than ever for vehicle retailers to ensure they provide online shopping and home-delivery options for their customers. These offerings will not just meet their customers’ demands – it will also help retailers expand their overall market reach and turn over their inventory faster. This is particularly crucial right now, when inventory is limited and in high demand from consumers. Customers want their vehicles fast, and many are willing to go online to give themselves more vehicle-shopping options. 


A strong website with a platform for customers to shop online and choose the experience they want, and the auto logistics to transport vehicles to any destinationall properly position vehicle retailers to sell to customers no matter where they live, reaching more marketsincluding sometimes markets that are even more profitable. ACERTUS’ recent study showed that while 65% of car shoppers are open to short-distance vehicle deliveries, about 49% are actually open to longer-distance deliveries.  


Additionally, if a retailer chooses to partner with aauto-logistics provider for their specific car-delivery program – something that is especially necessary if the retailer is operating out-of-state – that provider can then take on the home-delivery logistics while the retailer’s team remains focused on selling vehicles. 


Customers are Also Open to Remote Auto Services 

Remote and home-based vehicle services aren’t simply limited to vehicle delivery, however. Many retailers are branching out to offer their customers additional services that can be handled remotely, without them ever leaving their homes. Such remote service options include trade-ins, test drives, maintenance and repairs and even returns or recalls. Customers don’t even need to have person-to-person contact if they prefer not to, especially out of concern over COVID-19.  


In ACERTUS’ study , 74% of car shoppers reported that one of the biggest barriers to them buying a car online was not being able to test drive a vehicle. This can be easily rectified if retailers offer at-home test drives to customers, particularly those who are interested in shopping online and having their car purchase delivered. 
Those vehicle retailers that work with providers to offer remote test-drive service can also build upon that option to offer their customers remote services like trade-ins, service pickups and drop-offs and more, depending on what works for their business needs. 


Logistics as a Competitive Advantage 

The expert team at ACERTUS is well-positioned to help both retailers looking to improve their overall home-delivery operations and those hoping to launch a home-delivery program for the first time. Its full range of vehicle-logistics solutions means that ACERTUS can help with not just the deliveries themselves but also with any other required transportsstorage facilitiestitle-and-registration services, reconditioning, maintenance and more. In addition, ACERTUS’ team can help retailers expand their at-home options to offer their customers services like remote test drives, trade-ins, vehicle maintenance and repairs. For retailers navigating the current inventory shortage and looking to acquire more vehicles to sell, ACERTUS can help with sourcing vehicles from customers directly by putting its usual logistics in reverse.  


With its wide-ranging services and ability to oversee all aspects of the vehicle lifecycle, ACERTUS can serve as a one-stop shop manager for the retailer, even working with customers themselves when requested. The ACERTUS team can make sure vehicle purchases are made fully ready-to-drive before they’re ever officially deliveredsending the customer an estimated time of delivery and regular service updates from the initial order through the final drop-off. 


ACERTUS’ goal is to serve as a partner in this process, establishing the services that make sense for each specific retailer and its specific customer base. 



Learn more about ACERTUS’ home delivery and vehicle-acquisition services, as well as its full range of logistics solutions, at https://acertusdelivers.com. To connect with one of our team members or receive a hassle-free pricing quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887).


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