Title-and-Registration Automation Delivers High Value to Customers

Title and Registration Automation

Across the country, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) locations have been working to catch up with the backlog of title-and-registration work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and related shutdowns and short staffing. While most DMVs are back to full-time operations, many are having to find unique ways to deal with all the backlogged work – whether through requiring appointmentsclosing down for a couple days just to focus on delayed work or limiting walk-in service to certain days of the week. 

On top of these current challenges DMVs are working through, some automotive players are concerned over whether additional delays could occur as the weather gets colder and people stay indoors, particularly if COVID-19 cases rise again and offices are forced to close or limit their hours. 

Fleet-management companies (FMCs), upfitters, trucking companies, retailers and other companies with fleets are typically facing more DMV delays than individual car owners at this time, and many are looking for ways to expedite the process and prevent any further delays 

Title-and-registration automation is one way in which companies can do just that – with streamlining of the overall workflowreduced cycle time on these services and additional business insights and reporting to help with decision-making. If a company with a fleet is able to partner with a title-and-registration provider like ACERTUS that has such data-integration capabilities, not only can that company simplify its role in the process, but it can bypass many of the current backlog-related challenges that many others are facing at this time. 

Since ACERTUS has launched data integration on its title-and-registration services earlier this year, these are the biggest benefits its auto partners have noticed:  

Streamlined Process 
First and foremostdata integration simplifies and streamlines the title-and-registration work for companies with fleetsestablishing Application Programming Interface (API) technology that can seamlessly integrate with both auto partners’ and DMVs’ online systems. This automation technology also allows for straightforward file integration, as well, creating efficient avenues for sharing important documentation back and forth and removing unnecessary manual steps in the traditional title-and-registration process. 

With such flat-file connections, the company in question can enjoy both fewer steps and a more user-friendly experience as it works through title-and-registration processing for fleet vehicles. This online data integration also allows companies to receive critical real-time status updates on all active orders as progress is made. 

Shorter Cycle Time 
Particularly useful right now amid ongoing service delays at DMVs across the United States, reduced cycle time is one of the most notable factors ACERTUS’ auto partners have noticed since utilizing API technology. With fewer and less confusing steps, an easy and efficient way to share information and important paperwork and straightforward prompts that show up when it’s time for a company to take action on an order, this data integration results in quicker turnaround times, expedites the larger title-and-registration process and helps to offset much of the downtime caused by the COVID-related DMV backlogs. 

In addition to a shorter cycle time when it comes to the title-and-registration services, the less-intensive steps associated with automation means companies have more free time to prioritize their own critical day-to-day fleet operations and stay focused on what matters most for their respective businesses. 

Business Insights 
Data integration on title-and-registration services paves the way for better business insights and reporting. Companies with fleets who choose to outsource their title-and-registration work and partner with a provider like ACERTUS that has such automation will realize these types of benefits, as well – detailed reporting, regular updates and fleet-focused business insights that provide further context on the work being done. 

Not only do such reports allow a company to assess the title-and-registration services being conducted and the partnership it has with an outside provider, but they also ensure that same company can take these insights and use them to make well-informed decisions for its specific business and fleet units.  

Choose Data Integration with ACERTUS 
When it comes to fleet title-and-registration work, ACERTUS is one of the only providers that has the proper API technology to offer data integration. The ACERTUS VINlocity Marketplace API allows for simplified, streamlined processing of all requests – including both initial and renewal registrations – cutting down the overall cycle time associated with these services and ensuring companies receive detailed reporting and business insights on all title-and-registration orders. 

Because ACERTUS is unique in its ability to automate these services in the title-and-registration space, it’s well-positioned to help FMCs, upfitters, trucking companies, retailers and many different companies with fleets of all sizes expedite their title-and-registration workload and navigate the current delays at DMVs across the country. 

ACERTUS’ title-and-registration team is dedicated to being proactive to achieve ease of use, speed and increased efficiencies for its auto partners, utilizing this technology to mitigate any risks, work around existing challenges, reduce unnecessary downtime and establish strong communication channels with both DMV locations and customers.  

With a full range of auto logistics like transportation, vehicle maintenance, vehicle inspections and more, ACERTUS’ ultimate goal is to help companies realize successful fleet performance and achieve the best-possible fleet-management system for their respective business needs. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’ title-and-registration services, as well as its full range of fleet-management solutions to assist companies throughout the lifecycle of their vehiclesat https://acertusdelivers.com. To connect with one of our team members or receive a pricing quote, contact us hereor call us at this phone number: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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