The Holidays are Approaching & Inventory is Light: How to Handle Vehicle Gift Deliveries This Season

Home Delivery for the Holidays

The holiday season is almost here, which means an increase in consumer spending that will put even more stress on the already-constrained supply chain, directly impacting the retail industry and automotive retail.  

Shortages of critical vehicle parts, widespread driver shortages, high consumer demand, high fuel costs and ongoing logjams in the automotive supply chain have resulted in a lack of available vehicle inventory for customers. Congestion at ports, in particular, have caused bottlenecks  – increasing delays and operational struggles for automotive players and their customers. 

The lack of available inventory has caused automotive retailers to struggle with meeting customer demand, and as such, many retailers are looking for unique ways to stand out from the competition. Offering a personalized vehicle home-delivery experience could be just what retailers need to end the year, and fourth quarter, strong. However, executing this can sometimes prove difficult. By mapping out a plan now, these companies can navigate the ongoing supply-chain disruptions, mitigate delays and put themselves in the best position for holiday-season vehicle deliveries. 

When possible, retailers offering holiday home-delivery options should work with their customers to get orders placed early, as well as create an overall beginning-to-end experience that makes the process easy, efficient and enjoyable for these customers. 

Place Orders Early Whenever Possible & Find New Avenues for Sourcing Vehicles  

It’s important for automotive retailers to start talking to customers now about sourcing inventory, purchasing vehicles as gifts and arranging to have those vehicles home-delivered for the holidays. 

While many shoppers are aware of the supply-chain issues currently impacting consumer products, they may not fully understand the hurdles facing the automotive supply chain. Inventory is in short supply, and a surge in demand, clogged ports, a stressed trucking industry and labor shortages are all impacting the availability of new and used vehicles.  

Due to these factors, it’s critical for retailers to be transparent with their customers about the current delays, helping these customers by being innovative in inventory sourcing. Ideally, retailers will have an automotive-inventory sourcing plan in place, as well as a plan and a logistics partner to help move the inventory and ensure the fastest-possible speed to market for their customers, complete with a home-delivery option. 

Recently, ACERTUS conducted an independent study about car-buyers’ preferences, particularly as they relate to shopping for vehicles online and home delivery. The study found that 65% of all car buyers are open to short-distance vehicle deliveries, while 49% are open to longer-distance deliveries. Car shoppers in the study also made it clear that they prioritize vehicle-delivery tracking, being able to assess the condition of the vehicle upon delivery and speed and efficiency throughout the delivery process. 

The team at ACERTUS works closely with automotive retailers to handle everything from moving, storing and  reconditioning, to titling and home delivering vehicles. In fact, ACERTUS’ hub-and-spoke infrastructure allows it to transport vehicles directly from a dealership lot or auction site and deliver it straight to the customer’s door.  

With 55 different distribution-hub locations across North America, ACERTUS can provide services like car detailing, light reconditioning and maintenance prior to the final delivery. ACERTUS’ title-and-registration team can ensure the car is fully plated, titled and registered prior to delivery. This wide range of service options allows retailers to commit to a full-service, white glove delivery, making good on the customers’ expectation of a clean, road-ready vehicle being delivered to their driveway, wrapped in a big red bow. 

VINlocity, ACERTUS’s proprietary online platform, allows retailers to have even more visibility into the logistics and home-delivery supply chain, ensuring they have the insights and reporting they need to make the best decisions for their respective businesses. All of these features can play a critical role when there are already strains on inventory availability, and they ensure retailers can truly establish a turnkey home-delivery program for their customers. 

Offer Customers a Personalized Delivery Experience 

When developing a vehicle home delivery program, automotive retailers should consider how they’ll extend their showroom experience to the customer’s driveway. Outside of more competitive shipment delivery times and costs, personalization is a big differentiator when it comes to vehicle logistics. One of the greatest opportunities an automotive retailer has to exceed a customer’s expectations is through this critical last mile. Along with professional and branded white-glove service, the last mile can be the best mile, as well. While home delivery may be the most challenging and costliest piece of the overall vehicle-logistics process, this element gives the retailer the opportunity to establish loyal customers and bring those customers’ dreams to life. 

Regardless of the consumer product – whether groceries being dropped off on the front porch or a new vehicle being delivered to the customer’s driveway – consumers still have the same expectations for fast, transparent and low-cost deliveries. There’s very little room for error in the delivery journey for the customer. Therefore, when it comes to protecting an automotive retailer’s brand and meeting that retailer’s expectations, logistics has become the new competitive advantage. 

ACERTUS addresses the current logistics demands of the digital-retail evolution. While the industry is overwhelmed by small, single-service and largely siloed companies, ACERTUS was designed for full-service integration. As the only logistics company that can move, store, recondition, title and home deliver vehicles anywhere in the country, ACERTUS increases efficiencies, adds value and reduces risks through options like its bundling services. 

For retailers that want to offer their customers the ultimate white glove delivery experience, ACERTUS can serve as a complete and comprehensive vehicle-logistics partner to execute on their behalf. ACERTUS offers retailers professional, well-trained drivers and car haulers that can make deliveries in company-branded gear and with vehicles already fully detailed and fueled. And as far as any digital communications the ACERTUS team handles these on behalf of the retailer, completely white-labeled to showcase the retailer’s exact branding. 

ACERTUS as a Vehicle-Logistics Provider 

ACERTUS’ full suite of vehicle logistics, its large and carefully vetted network of well-trained carriers and drivers, the storage hubs it has all across North America and its proprietary mobile-app technology allows for temporary storage, reconditioning and maintenance, title-and-registration processing and more.  

When it comes to automotive retailers who are ready to embark on a new home-delivery process for their customers, ACERTUS will work closely with them to determine their specific business needs and to establish a vehicle-delivery program that creates customers for life. 

Learn more about ACERTUS’ home-delivery services, as well as its full range of vehicle-logistics solutions, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a hassle-free quote, contact us here or call us at: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887).  


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