The Digitization of Title-and-Registration Services

Digitization of Title and Registration

The automotive industry is going digital. Increasingly, consumers are demanding online-shopping and home-delivery options, and dealers are stepping up their platforms to meet these customers where they are. Many retailers are going even further by offering remote trade-in options and remote auto services, such as detailing, oil changes and vehicle repair. In more ways than one, traditionally in-person aspects of the car-buying journey can now be handled with a few taps on a customer’s phone or tablet. Spurred on by shutdowns during the pandemic and large online-only retailers that have set new expectations among consumers, dealers have risen to the moment and are digitizing many of their services.  

Title-and-registration services are no exception.  

In fact, in many states across the country, title-and-registration services can be handled digitally – expediting processing on such work and ensuring automotive players add even more efficiency and speed to market to their day-to-day operations. Beyond the digital services that already exist in many areas when it comes to titling and vehicle registration, there are new trends on the horizon, as well.  

The ACERTUS title-and-registration team can strategically support automotive partners with many of these digitized services now, and as newer digital developments become more widespread in the future, ACERTUS will be well-positioned to help partners on these fronts, as well. 

Already-Digitized Services 

  • – Electronic title-and-registration programs:  
    Application Programming Interface (API) integration and other forms of direct connections with Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices already exist, and many states are already utilizing them. 

  • Currently, there are 21 U.S. states that have technology set up at their DMV locations, allowing retailers, logistics providers and other companies to seamlessly integrate their own technology with DMV systems. Many other states like Colorado, as well as the District of Columbia, are establishing this technology in their DMV locations and will be able to offer digital services in the near future. This integration allows for faster and more efficient processing of title-and-registration services, and while some paperwork is still required when it comes to vehicle registration, digital processing usually means much of the hard-copy documentation is reduced.

  • – Electronic Lien and Title Services (ELT):  
    Similar to electronic title-and-registration programs, ELT programs already exist in certain areas around the country at this time, 24 U.S. states allow ELT, but many others are moving in this direction. ELT gives lien holders a digital option when it comes to vehicle titles. Lien holders can choose to hold titles with the respective state electronically, instead of holding a more traditional paper title. Once a vehicle is paid off and a lien is released through the state, the certificate of title can be transferred to the individual or company in question digitally or via hard-copy documentation. 

  • Much like other electronic integration on title-and-registration services, ELT reduces unnecessary downtime at DMVs and ensures more speed and efficiency when it comes to processing. 

Future of Title and Registration

  • – Electronic plates: 
    While more forward-looking at this time, electronic plates are emerging as an option in California and will soon be available in Arizona and Michigan, as well. Offered by private companies like REVIVER (LINK), these digital license plates, once paid for, appear automatically on a hardware piece attached to the vehicle. Once this hardware is purchased, vehicle owners can handle all plate renewals, state updates and more remotely, without the need to order and attach a new metal license plate or physically update stickers. Updates appear automatically, and there are even features like flashing that occurs if a vehicle is reported as stolen. 
    Although the companies that oversee these electronic plates are private, they work closely with DMVs to ensure all plates are up-to-date and states have the necessary information they need. Currently, these electronic plates are $800 or more per plate, but these prices could change over time. 

  • Virtual notaries: 

  • Online notary and electronic power of attorney services are slowly coming into the title-and-registration space, as well. While DMVs do not yet recognize virtual notaries, laws are beginning to shift in many states to allow for such digital notary service with vehicle documentation. In states where laws are moving, such as Massachusetts, companies are beginning to pilot virtual-notary programs, particularly if the companies in question are already set up with electronic DMV integration and largely use e-docs.

  • While online notary service is still being developed at this time, many title-and-registration providers are keeping track of this technology and may start utilizing these service once they become more established and widespread. 


  • ACERTUS as a Title-and-Registration Partner 

    The expert title-and-registration team at ACERTUS already has direct API connections with many DMVs around the country – 13 states currently where electronic registration and lien-and-title services are offeredThrough a unique, proprietary technology platform, ACERTUS is already positioned to expand such connections into DMV locations in other states, as those states begin to offer digital services and allow such integration in the near future. 


    In fact, ACERTUS is one of the only providers that has the proper API technology to offer data integration. The ACERTUS Platform API allows for simplified, streamlined processing of all requests – including both new and renewal registrations – cutting down the overall cycle time associated with these services and ensuring companies receive detailed reporting and business insights on all title-and-registration orders. This technology ensures title-and-registration work can be expedited and many DMV delays can be circumvented, creating a simple, intuitive process for ACERTUS’ partners. 

    As the only full-scale, tech-enabled automotive logistics platform designed to move, store, recondition and title and register finished vehicles, ACERTUS delivers proven, complete start-to-finish service. Driven by a transformative combination of technology, people and experience, ACERTUS simplifies and streamlines title-and-registration work for dealers, fleet-management companies and any other companies looking to mitigate DMV delays and add more speed and efficiency to their overall operations. 


    Learn more about ACERTUS’ title-and-registration services, as well as its full range of vehicle-logistics solutions, at To connect with one of our team members or receive a free quote, contact us hereor call us at: 855-ACERTUS (855-923-2477).   

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