Adopting an Intelligent, Tech-Enabled Approach to Vehicle Logistics 

Adopting a Tech-Enabled Approach to Vehicle Logistics

More so than ever before, automotive retailers need to move faster, work smarter and operate with more efficiency. The solution is connective, intelligent logistics to automate operations and provide access to critical data to better strategize, anticipate disruptions and mitigate risks.

By partnering with ACERTUS, automotive retailers can gain a competitive advantage with a simplified, data-driven approach to vehicle logistics.

Increasing Efficiency and Value with Bundling

During this unprecedented period of slow new vehicle production and tight used inventory, dealers are concerned that inflation and high costs will curtail sales and profits. All this, compounded with tight carrier capacity and high fuel prices, can cause car-shipping costs to balloon quickly. Ever dollar counts, so it’s critical that auto retailers find new ways to drive value whenever possible.

The ACERTUS platform employs algorithmic load bundling, which uses automation to bundle freight, ultimately driving efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

While vehicles may start their routes being transported by different carriers from different locations, with ACERTUS’ unique hub-and-spoke infrastructure, freight is transported to a centralized location – one of ACERTUS’ 66 hubs – and then consolidated to a nine-car hauler for the rest of the journey.

Making Better Business Decisions with Data

Dealers are facing continued strain on the automotive supply chain, making it harder for them to stay competitive and circumvent disruptions.

For retailers to compete successfully, avoid unnecessary risks and make smart decisions, they need access to more accurate and timely information to optimize operations.

ACERTUS leverages historical and industry data to uncover any potential disruptions that could affect retailers’ shipping costs, speed and efficiency. As risks are detected, the ACERTUS team alerts partners about the potential impact.

This data informs and directs smarter, more strategic business decisions.

Improving Speed through Automation

In retail, speed matters. In automotive retail, speed is everything. As dealers work to meet customer demand for cars while being forced to navigate lagging inventory, they are left with the challenge of how to move more product faster and upshift the customer experience.

Through the ACERTUS platform, retailers have instant access to carrier capacity. This ability to secure shipping on demand reduces unnecessary downtime and accelerates time to market.

ACERTUS also employs automated dispatching, ensuring in-network carriers don’t have to wait for a dispatcher to manually assign their next load. Thanks to this automation, carriers can move quickly, preventing any unnecessary gaps in time or delays.

This creates a much faster and more seamless process for the carriers, but it also significantly improves shipping times for retailers. In fact, by removing the need for a lengthy manual process, ACERTUS’ automated dispatching can cut hours – and even days – off vehicle-delivery turnaround times.

Choosing ACERTUS for Intelligent, Tech-Enabled Logistics

In this time where unprecedented challenges are facing the automotive industry, it’s critical that retailers have the tools they need to compete successfully, keep their customers happy and ensure vehicles stay moving.

ACERTUS’ technology platform gives retailers visibility into every aspect of the vehicle journey – on pickups, drop-offs and every stop in-between. With data-driven learning and execution, ACERTUS acts as a true partner to customers, developing smart strategies that make sense for their unique business needs and helping them improve their overall performance.

ACERTUS’ platform provides instant access to a carrier-and-driver fleet that delivers flexible and on-demand capacity, as well as high-touch customization and hub-and-spoke infrastructure to assist with any storage, prep and reconditioning needs prior to delivery.

With the only completely comprehensive approach to automotive logistics, ACERTUS can help retailers move, store, recondition, title and deliver vehicles to and from anywhere in the country. This start-to-finish service is driven by a transformative combination of technology, people and experience, which allows ACERTUS to turn logistics into a competitive advantage for retailers and all other companies looking to move vehicles.

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