Top 3 Elements OEMs Must Have in Place for the Next Year 

Top 3 Elements OEMs Must Have in Place for the Next Year

OEMs have displayed continued resilience throughout the past two years, despite the fair share of challenges they’ve had to overcome. The first test for OEMs was at the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic, when they were forced to shut down plants, bringing new-vehicle production to a screeching halt. Subsequently, supply-chain and sourcing difficulties materialized, and a global shortage of critical vehicle parts – including semiconductor chips – again slowed the production of new vehicles. Most recently, congested ports, weather delays and a booming rail strike have further exacerbated OEMs’ challenge of getting inventory to market.

Fast, Flexible Modes of Transport
Once vehicles are assembled, OEMs need efficient transport solutions to get them to market as quickly as possible and to meet consumer demand. As OEMs continue to ramp up production in the year ahead, there could be further competition and congestion throughout the supply chain.

While rail is a critical part of a new vehicle-shipping strategy, manufacturers must have access to other transport options to circumvent unintended delays and keep assets moving. This is where having access to multiple modes of transport is key.

Despite industry-wide supply chain strains and tight capacity, ACERTUS’ robust carrier network of more than 7,600 carriers across North America eliminates unnecessary delays, hauling vehicles wherever needed and fast. Inventory at ports and railyards don’t have to sit idle or wait for a full truckload to be moved. ACERTUS keeps inventory moving and can haul less-than-truckload freight quickly and safely to the next destination. As a 3PL, ACERTUS can also help OEMs scale on demand, aggregating both small and large carriers based on need to deliver operational flexibility.

ACERTUS’ carriers are all carefully vetted and well-trained on new car- transport procedures, outfitted with pre-approved equipment and accessories to ensure safe, low-risk deliveries.

It’s critical OEMs consider and be prepared for how their needs will fluctuate across the coming months, having a transport-and-storage strategy in place that can be implemented quickly and on demand.

Strategically Located Storage
Manufacturers are slowly ramping up production, despite the many hurdles in their way. As semiconductor chips become more broadly accessible, and OEMs are able to operate at full capacity, there will likely be a surge in new-vehicle production. At that time, OEMs will need to be ready to move quickly.

Beyond helping with fast and efficient transports, ACERTUS can assist OEMs with a storage strategy that supports their business needs. With more than 66 hubs strategically located across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada – including many in close proximity to OEM factories and railyards – ACERTUS is well-positioned to store, deploy and reposition inventory to viable markets.

All ACERTUS hub locations are fully insured, secured and staffed by well-trained service managers so inventory is kept safe. Vehicles are monitored by security systems, and all storage sites are more than ten acres in size, paved, well-lit and fully fenced-in for added vehicle protection.

It’s critical OEMs consider and be prepared for how their needs will fluctuate across the coming months, having a transport-and-storage strategy in place that can be implemented quickly and on demand.

Intelligent Logistics
As OEMs navigate current industry challenges and plan for the coming year, it will be critical for them to have a smart logistics strategy in place to optimize their supply chain and move inventory quickly and efficiently. ACERTUS offers OEMs access to connective, intelligent logistics to keep operations running smoothly and prevent downtime.

The ACERTUS platform can integrate with OEMs’ existing operating systems via API to deliver seamless order entry and management, streamlining operations. This ensures complete visibility and transparency on all orders, providing detailed tracking, analytics and information on all shipments, spend and claims.

Additionally, ACERTUS leverages historical and industry data to help OEMs uncover potential disruptions that could affect cost, speed or efficiency with vehicle shipping, alerting customers about these risks. Ultimately, these insights can pave the way to make more informed and strategic business decisions both now and in the months ahead.

ACERTUS also optimizes our carrier network to ensure swift transports through our Book Now automated dispatching feature, eliminating manual load assignments. This automation ensures carriers can move quickly, preventing unnecessary downtime and cutting shipping times down by hours, or even days.

ACERTUS Turns Logistics into OEMs’ Competitive Advantage

Regardless of the challenges OEMs face now, or the factors that will impact them in the future, ACERTUS is ready to partner and assist with the vehicle transports and logistics they need.

By working with ACERTUS, OEMs can leverage experience, people, infrastructure and technology to move inventory fast, avoid delays, access capacity and develop a well-mapped strategy moving forward.

With one company to handle the entire vehicle journey, ACERTUS dramatically improves efficiency, speed and reliability for OEMs, turning once-complicated logistics into their competitive advantage.

Learn more about ACERTUS’ full range of vehicle-transport and logistics services at To connect with one of our team members or receive a quote, contact us here or call us at: 855-ACERTUS (855-223-7887). 

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